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really bummed

April 30th, 2005 at 09:46 pm

We have looked at 18 apartments. All of them have had some sort of serious flaw. I really thought one today would be 'the one', but then we found out that you have to walk outside to get to the basement. I have no interest in walking down or up a flight of icy steps in -30 degree F weather carrying a laundry basket full of clothes in order to do my laundry. We've seen two places that require walking outside to get to the basement (and thus the laundry machines), and I'm not doing it. It might be different if it was temperate here, but 9 months out of the year it is freezing cold and snowing.

I'm really discouraged. I was hoping we'd find a place so I could give notice tomorrow, but it's not happening. Nothing is comparable to what I have now. Nothing has made me want to pack up all my stuff and move. Frown I'm sad.

We've been talking about getting pre-approved for a mortgage, but I don't want to stay here for years on end, and neither does he. I want to be by the ocean. I was thinking we could find an apartment here and share it for a year or two, and then move west, and consider buying a home there.

My life on the whole is really boring. I'd like to spice it up but I don't know how. I've considered moving to Honduras, I've considered joining the Peace Corps, I've considered going to grad school in NYC, I've tried finding a new job. I feel like I'm wasting my 20s. I'm SO going to find myself in a mid-life crisis.

Nothing spent today, even though I'd like to. It's tempting to take a trip over to Ikea, but I'm going to stay at home on my couch and wallow in my self-made dispair while watching HGTV.

April stats

April 29th, 2005 at 01:46 pm

The month isn't over yet, but I'm so tired that I'm hopefully going to go home and go to bed and not spend anything tonight. Tomorrow, hopefully more of the same (sleeping, not spending). We might spend $7 at the farmer's market on milk tomorrow, but that's it.


$62.08 groceries (my part), $164 total (BF insisted on paying a lot this month)
$105.31 gasoline
$57.65 eating out (my part), exorbitant total I'm sure but I didn't keep track
$80 ATM
$90 household stuff (including $25 gift card used)
$471.59 credit card payment
$389.27 other (aquarium needs, haircut, climbing shoes, stamps, other small extras)
$75 savings

110% of monthly income spent counting savings, 106% of monthly income spent not counting savings

It's kind of freaky, seeing those amounts added up. The haircut and the climbing shoes really inflated my "other" category.

In May my goal is to spend less than 100% of my income. I am switching car insurance in June (saving about $200 a year) and would like to pay that chunk of money all at once so I will be done for the year. In order to do that, I will have to postpone paying off my credit card in full until July, and I will need to spend less throughout May. I'm concentrating more on the 60% spending plan (found on msn money). I think I can swing it, I just have to be steadfast.

If I could find a lower rent apartment that doesn't have drug dealers on the corner, that would be ideal. It would be nice to save some money in that area. We're looking at two places today and two tomorrow, which will bring our viewed total up to 18. yeah - I'm picky when it comes to living arrangements.

spending log

April 27th, 2005 at 04:16 pm

Yesterday I spent $19.10 at Home Depot. Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to spend anything, but I needed a plant light bulb for my soon-to-be-sprouting basil and oregano, and while I was there I picked up a money tree. I didn't need it, but it is cute, and maybe having it sit in the southeast corner of my house will bring money into my home (as feng shui says).

I won a bread machine on ebay, a mother's day gift. I'm excited about it. I hope she likes it, and I hope it arrives in the near-new condition they claimed it was in. $35.11

Two apartments viewed last night, two no thank yous. The first was a very cramped three level with a weird landlord, and the second was a nice place but in a sketchy neighborhood, and had a weird landlord. Three to see tonight! I'm going to make an effort to prepare dinner before we go. Last night we resorted to Indian take out - delicious but bad for the finances.

the hunt continues

April 26th, 2005 at 06:50 pm

We are looking at 8 apartments in the next five days. There has got to be something good out there! We looked at one last night, and it was a pit, but I have hope that we'll find the perfect spot!

Spent $23 on gasoline yesterday. Nothing today, and I don't plan to. We really need to do some cooking at home to have leftovers...the fridge is full but it seems like there's nothing to eat! How is that possible?

I applied for a couple more jobs today. Haven't heard a peep from the people from last Friday's interview...but honestly, that's ok. I don't want to work downtown anyway.

I've been reading the posts about buying a house, and it sounds as though one shouldn't even consider it if one has debt. That means the earliest I would be able to buy a house (assuming I pay off my loans as expected) would be in 2011. That's not counting the fact that I probably wouldn't have enough saved up for a downpayment or the closing costs in 2011, because I'd be paying my loans off that whole time. It's really disheartening. What I want more than anything right now is to have a house...not a marriage, not kids....a house with a yard and a garden and a big dog. *sigh* My college loans don't even seem worth it to me now, so I can only imagine how not worth it they will seem in six years. Not to mention that I'll be 32 in 2011...maybe by that age I'll want a baby more than a house! (though I really hope not)

a cold from out of nowhere

April 25th, 2005 at 02:06 am

My weekend was taken over by a cold virus. I've been sucking down vitamin c ever since it hit.

I put 400+ miles on my car this weekend. It desperately needs an oil change and tire rotation. Hopefully I can get that taken care of this week.

Spent about $25 at Target on Saturday, but it was paid for with a gift card, so free money.
Post office run on Saturday, $13.
Dinner courtesy of my boyfriend on Saturday night.

Today, $25 on craft supplies for a Mother's Day project. $27 for dinner for two. I didn't buy my sister's groceries (she did), which was hard for me to do, but necessary.

Spending forecast for this week: mostly cloudy. Workout buddy is coming over tomorrow night, hopefully I can convince her to eat dinner at my house for free instead of going out. Tuesday, clear. Wednesday, sunshine with some clouds, a friend may ask me to have a drink with her to celebrate her birthday. Thursday, cloudy, attending a concert with friends which will surely be prefaced by food and drink. Friday, partly cloudy, may have to attend a birthday party at a restaurant.

No wonder I am overweight and blowing my budget!

I've been thinking a lot about the housing situation, and I haven't been listening to my instincts. The landlords of the big beautiful place make me feel uncomfortable, and they are putting more restrictions on us before we even accept the place (we can't put up window coverings in half of the rooms...what???). I have to listen to my gut and not take the place. If I'm not comfortable now, I surely won't be once I am living there! And so the search continues.

job interview today

April 22nd, 2005 at 10:53 pm

I had a job interview this morning. It went fairly well, I thought. My friends and sweetie prepped me, so I was ready for those pesky questions. The interviewers aren't going to make a hiring decision until the end of May though, so I'm not going to hold my breath.

I took the day off and picked up my sis. We're both so tired, we're falling asleep on the couches in front of the tv!

gasoline: $35
car tabs: $39.50
groceries: $44
walmart: $38
parking: $5.50
library fine: $.25
cable tv/internet: $57

no idea what I'll spend this weekend. at least another $22 on gasoline; maybe we'll eat out, but I'm going to try to avoid that. tomorrow will be really busy.

my sweetie and I went to look at that apartment again. the landlords seems a little more normal this time. the place is just simply drop dead gorgeous. we'll probably end up taking it!

I have a great family

April 19th, 2005 at 02:40 pm

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from my aunt. She sent two books (one of which was "Smart Women Finish Rich"), a calendar, and a check for my IRA. It seems that whenever I get worried about funds or do something stupid like buy climbing shoes when I shouldn't, the universe comes around and helps me out. It's really quite odd, actually. I hadn't talked to my aunt in months, and out of the blue she sent me that package. Very, very sweet. I'm going to put a portion of the money into my IRA and the rest toward my credit card bill. I'm really looking forward to reading that book!

Humorously enough, I did come home right away and google those landlords after we met them. Wink I didn't find much online, but they told us their professions. I asked if we could come by the house again and see it in sunny weather, and also asked if we could talk to the previous tenant. They were fine with both ideas. We'll probably go see it again later this week (assuming it stops raining).

I've realized that part of my hesitation stems from not being 110% sure about my relationship. If I was that sure, I would marry him (but I'm not ready to get married right now). I'm worried about moving in together and then going through the agony of breaking up, and having to separate our belongings in the process. If we ultimately do get married, I'm worried that I will regret not having lived alone for a longer period of time. I keep trying to guess how I'm going to feel about things in 10-20 years, but that is impossible, so why do I do it??

I love having him around, and I think if we got that apartment, there is plenty of space for us to have alone time (which we both need now and then). It's not as if it's a new relationship either, we've been together for almost three years. He loves me absolutely. The problem is that I am the committment-phobe! I've been all over the map on this over the past few days...yesterday I had convinced myself not to do it, and today I really think I could enjoy it. Seriously people, I need that magic 8 ball.

why do I bother

April 18th, 2005 at 01:08 am

I really suck at sticking to a budget. Really, really suck.

I spent a ton of money this weekend. We went into a climbing store, I tried on a pair of shoes, they fit like a glove and there was only one pair left, so I bought them. I'm really glad I won't be renting anymore, but I wasn't planning to buy right now.

We ate out too much, with the exception of this evening. Dinner at home, lots of veggies.

A few goodies from a co-op. I love those places. Organic everything makes me so happy.

Skipped a birthday party (accidentally) so that saved me $20.

We fell in love with an apartment. It's absolutely massive, and a really good price. The only catch? The landlords are a bit off. I'm afraid they would involve themselves too much in our lives. We've been discussing it all weekend, and no other place compares to that one, but....the landlords live downstairs. I can't decide. The place is huge and gorgeous and there is a fantastic fireplace. *sigh* What to do?

I'm not even going to tell you how much money I spent this weekend (figure-wise). I'm far too embarrassed. I still have to get an oil change and tire rotation on top of it.

The girls night on Friday was great though, very cheap, and we had a nice time. Every time I think about entertaining, though, I think about that huge apartment and how great it would be to have people over. I love, love, love my place, but it's sometimes hard to have parties.

I need a magic 8 ball that will tell me what to do based on the 10-year forecasted outcome...can I pick one of those up at Target?

cute hair, not a cute price

April 15th, 2005 at 01:49 pm

My hair!!! I LOVE IT!!! She is a miracle worker. It's way shorter than it's ever been (not remotely near my shoulders) but I seriously love it. It's a lot blonder now, and closer to my natural color. I loved the brown, but it's time for summer! The price was not as pretty, however. I ended up spending $110. I'm not quite sure how we got to that amount, but I think she put in lowlights AND highlights, so that would do it. I went $50 over on my haircut budget. I've been shimmying other things around in my budget this morning, trying to find a way to still celebrate the umpteen occasions that are coming up, but also have enough money to pay off my credit card in May. What I'd like is an everlasting fountain of money. No, not youth, all I get is crap for being too young.

The girls are coming over tonight, yay! Just what I need.

The duplex was great...huge master bedroom, wood floors, large living room and kitchen, big french doors on the bedroom and lots of light...but the neighborhood was not great. The landlord kept talking about how the police drive by all the time (I suppose that was to make us feel safe), and there are drug dealers around occasionally, etc. Yeah, that doesn't thrill me. We're going to keep looking. What I really want is a HOUSE, with a big kitchen and lots of natural light in a good neighborhood. and a garden. sigh. My stylist said no one ever really figures anything out, which was probably supposed to make me feel better too, but it really didn't.

YAY for the weekend!

cheetos are my drug of choice

April 14th, 2005 at 02:26 pm

I'm feeling a bit better. My body is really fighting it. and just for PrincessPerky, my illness has nothing to do with pregnancy. Stick Out Tongue

Last night I went to Walmart to pick up aquarium necessities. I spent $25.09 on aquarium things, $15.52 on groceries, and $26.91 on other things like face wash, conditioner, cheetos, and chocolate. It was more than I had planned, but I kept thinking of more things I needed (wanted, in the case of chocolate and cheetos), and corn was $.38 a can!

In 11 short hours I will have well-cut, highlighted hair yet again. I am REALLY looking forward to that.

I prepared what I could for Friday's dinner and put it in the fridge. Tonight is just too busy to be boiling potatoes and all that. I desperately need to wash dishes tonight, though. Days like this I really wish I had a dishwasher!

We're looking at another duplex tonight. It has a dishwasher. And, it's 12 minutes to work. We'll's a little pricier than we wanted, and it's not in the neighborhood we wanted, but the kitchen looks gorgeous online.

scrape that plaque

April 12th, 2005 at 06:25 pm

My teeth have been bothering me lately, and I'm due for a checkup, so I'm going in this afternoon. It was the only appointment available until this summer (yikes!). I can't remember if there is a copay or not, but if there is, they mail a bill, so I'm not going to worry about it. It is going to make my evening very tight, though. I'll get home just in time to leave again. I have a long band practice tonight, yuck.

I'm still not feeling great. This morning I overheard a coworker talking about her week long flu bug. Then she sprinted to the bathroom. Shortly thereafter she went home. I really don't want what she has.

Nothing scheduled for Wednesday night (yet).

I made a hair appointment for Thursday night. This woman does a GREAT cut and I haven't been to her in too long. My hair is driving me nuts. I'm also getting my highlights reapplied...time for summer! I'm spoiling myself, but I love the look of my highlights, and I haven't had them fixed up since August.

Friday we might be having a girl's night. I suggested we have dinner at my house. That will save us all some money, as I have all the fixings for dinner and it will be simple. If they bring drinks, we'll be set. We normally just sit around gabbing and gossiping for hours anyway!

Saturday I have band practice again bright and early, and I'm going to a birthday party in the evening. I was tempted to go to this friend's birthday dinner too, but I just can't justify spending $50 on his birthday when I see him once a year, and there will be 40 of his closest friends there. I will make an appearance and have a drink.

Sunday I am going to collapse into a heap.

I need to pick up some items for my aquarium, so that will be about $24. Hair appointment, probably $60. Girl's Night, nothing if we don't go anywhere, hopefully not much if we do. Saturday night, $20 max. Gas tank will have to be refilled. 5 day estimate: $125.

unhappy stomach

April 11th, 2005 at 03:45 pm

I canceled my appointment with massage lady yesterday because I wasn't feeling well. I still am not feeling well and I stayed home from work. I probably could have gone in, but I'm fighting bouts of nausea.

Friday...I honestly cannot remember. I think we made dinner at home and that was about it. no money spent.

Saturday....went to the grocery store. BF paid, though i was planning to. $116. went to a show with BF & BF's brother (he paid for the tickets and the drinks, way too much money). BF got his car towed because we were all oblivious to the sign. he had to pay $150 to get it back, ouch. somehow I spent nothing on Saturday, but a lot of money changed hands around me.

Sunday...stayed home with an unhappy stomach. no spending.

My two ebay auctions did not sell. I am bummed. I might try to relist one item, but I might just pass it off to Goodwill or Freecycle instead. I've listed three things on ebay and none of them have's a bit disheartening.

It's a dreary, rainy day...perfect to stay home.

it promises to be a weird weekend

April 8th, 2005 at 05:05 pm

My mom just called saying that she wants me to go to a friend's masseuse to treat my headaches. She's been saying this for a while, but I've always said I don't have the money. Today she is insisting upon giving me the money to see this woman. So, I called the masseuse, and it was a bizarre conversation. She does not speak much English. I had trouble understanding her over the phone. In any case, she is coming to my house on Sunday with her massage table and I am to have two bedsheets ready for it. I had no idea this was a come-to-my-house sort of thing. I had trouble getting it across to her that I am NOT living with my parents. Apparently my parents' friend swears by this woman, though, so I will give it a shot, even though it seems really quite odd. How much do you tip a person who comes to your house with their massage table? I have no idea.

Weirder still, my mother wants me to see another doctor whom this friend goes to. This doctor puts little vials of chemicals on different areas of your stomach and it does different things to your body to adjust you, apparently. I am extremely hesitant about calling this guy (go figure). If it gets rid of my headaches, then it's worth it, I guess. First, however, I need to get up the courage to dial his phone number.

It reminds me of when my boss wanted me to go to her healer. I didn't, though, because it was $125/hr!

On Sunday we were going to go look at a duplex that I was really excited about, but the owner just emailed me and said it is no longer available. He wouldn't let us come see it any sooner. I'm bummed about that, it was in a cool old victorian house!

eating out kick

April 7th, 2005 at 06:05 pm

Ever feel like you just don't care about your budget, and you do crazy things because you don't care? Like eating out a whole bunch? That would be me. Last night we went to a very expensive dinner, and my boyfriend insisted on paying, but still. We shouldn't get into these bad trends because I know they become habits. Today I bought him lunch at Taco Bell - much cheaper, but still eating out. I really am in a "who cares!!!" mindset lately. I'm so frustrated with work and life and housing and cars and everything else that I am tossing my hands up into the air. Bad, I know.

I think I need a break. The reason we left for Taco Bell today was because I desperately wanted to get out of the building.

I applied to several jobs yesterday and today. A few were in Portland, Oregon. I really am considering packing up my apartment and taking off.

dreary day

April 6th, 2005 at 01:52 pm

I had to buy gasoline last night, so there goes the no spend day. $24.59. ouch.

We looked at an apartment yesterday. It was cramped and smelled like smoke. and so the search continues. We're looking at two more tonight.

I am a complete idiot. I stepped on my laptop last night (BF had left it on the floor, gray carpet + gray computer = BAD), and smashed the LCD screen.

This morning my car was doing its frightening revving thing before I even pulled out of the driveway. I poured more oil into it and it behaved for a while. Still revving once I put it into park, though.

It's a dreary day....I nearly stayed home with my head under the covers. Is anyone else adversely affected by this time change? Normally they don't phase me one bit, but this year I am nothing but exhausted. I cannot seem to get a good night's sleep.


finally a no spending day

April 5th, 2005 at 07:24 pm


$4 climbing shoe rental
$6.98 dinner

I am glad I'm not keeping track of no-spending days, because I suck at it.

Today, however, I have not spent a dime and don't intend to, unless I have to fill up my gas tank. I swear I saw $2.31 this morning, so I hope I won't have to fill up.

Spent so far this month: $26.10

I really love to torture myself

April 4th, 2005 at 04:47 pm

So today I'm looking at apartments online and, since one of my coworkers keeps asking me every day if I'm going to buy a home yet, I merged seamlessly from apartments into homes. I did a mortgage calculator online, and the very most I can afford is $90,000. That won't even buy a one bedroom condo here. *sigh* That, my friends, is why I continue to rent. No offense to mobile home owners, but I lived in one briefly as a child, and I won't buy one. I'd rather rent.

I know I'm not supposed to think that more money will solve everything, but it's really hard not to. I hate feeling like I am behind everyone else. I know it's not a competition, but everyone is married, has their own home, drives a brand new car, is planning for their family or already has one, are making $20K more a year than I am at the same's just frustrating. I'd like to fast forward to another age to see if I'm still going to feel like this at age 36, 46, 56...if so, what is the point? I might as well give up my job, get rid of all my stuff and hitchhike around the world doing odd jobs. It would be a lot more entertaining than this.

gorgeous weather!!

April 3rd, 2005 at 11:19 pm

is it spring? is it really, really spring? oh, I am so happy. the weather is gorgeous. my BF and I went for a walk to enjoy it.

let's see...spending rundown for the weekend.

Friday: BF bought dinner. thank goodness.
Saturday: breakfast at friend's house (free). lunch at Chipotle ($15.12).
Sunday: five loads of laundry....did I mention how glad I am that I don't pay for water? or that part of the electric bill?

my weekend has had a lot of ups and downs. overall, I'd say it has been good, though. I took a ton of photos on Friday and Saturday, and then being the dummy that I am, I accidentally deleted most of my My Pictures file. (HOW did that happen? I have no idea) so I've been trying to recover it. I got some of them back, but I need my computer expert here to help me with the rest. he has gone to a movie with a friend, so I'll have to ask sweetly later.

I'm broke until Friday. I'm going climbing with a friend tomorrow, so I'll have to bring the $3 or whatever it is to rent shoes in quarters and dimes!

overall, though, I'm pretty happy today. Smile warm, sunny weather really lifts my mood.

edited to add: I completely forgot to mention that I put two for sale listings up on eBay today! we'll see how they do.

trying not to be crabby

April 1st, 2005 at 03:30 pm

I was pretty crabby yesterday after figuring out how much I couldn't spend on a car. That made it easy for my boyfriend to convince me that Dippin Strips from Pizza Hut would be a good option for dinner. and gooooooodd it was...only $13 out of my checkbook, but still. *sigh* Will I never learn? My diet disappeared yesterday, yet again.

Tonight we're going over to a friend's house for wine and games, and probably Indian takeout. I brought lettuce for lunch in an effort to counteract the calories I'll be consuming tonight. I had homemade yogurt for breakfast...yum!

I got 10 hours of sleep last night, so you'd think I'd be in better spirits today. I'm still a little down. Hopefully tonight's festivities will bring me out of this funk. (and my friend has cats at her house!!! god, I miss living with cats)