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potluck=free lunch

December 22nd, 2004 at 07:53 pm

work potluck today. I made all my contributions from scratch so it was much cheaper than buying something pre-made from the grocery store at the last minute...and the added benefit is that my food got rave reviews. Smile

I am so exhausted. my dreams have been much too vivid and emotionally charged for the past few nights. they are keeping me from feeling rested. I hope I can get some calm sleep tonight before my long drive tomorrow!

my coworkers really seemed to like their holiday gifts, too....I'm glad. one more stressor I can check off the list.

Free Oil Changes Rock

December 22nd, 2004 at 12:24 am

frugal things I did today:

- I brought lunch from home. again. just like yesterday. and it was leftovers from dinner last night and Monday night, both things I made at home!

- I used my free oil change tonight. I have a punch card and after five oil changes, you get one free. unnnnfortunatelllly....they found a ton of stuff wrong with my car. I do not have the money to fix this thing. luckily I am going to my parents' for the holidays and they offered to set up an appointment with their mechanic. I'm thinking that means it will be free for me...but I absolutely hate the guilt that comes along with it. I am a grown woman with a decent paying job. I should be able to pay for my own car repairs, even if it does amount to hundreds of dollars at a time. *sigh*

- I've been trying to stick to no more than 60mph on the freeway. it's tough with the crazies threatening to ram you even in the slow lane, but I am trying.

- I am going to package up some homemade treats to give to my coworkers tomorrow.

- I'm going to try really hard to get a good night's sleep. well rested = thinking clearly = less frivolous spending.

all I want for Christmas...

December 20th, 2004 at 08:01 pm

I really think that if I could get my budget under control, I could do the same with my diet, and vice versa. Right now I can't control either one. I record every bit of food I eat and every penny I spend, but I still go over on both. I don't know how to get there. All I want for Christmas is WILLPOWER.

I ate lunch from home today. Maybe that cancels out the fact that I purchased Christmas stockings for my parents last night and now will have to go out and buy things to put IN the stockings. ok, so maybe it won't. At least the stockings were 50% off, and candy will be on sale too. I always feel bad because the grown kids still have stockings (even the cats have stockings!) but mom and dad don't.

Tomorrow I will finish up my shopping. I was planning on doing it tonight, but with the ice storm and all, I think I'll stay in, do some laundry, and finish up my holiday baking.

homemade fudge

December 19th, 2004 at 12:04 am

I made a second batch of snickers fudge today to give out as holiday gifts. it is decadent and time consuming, but worth it.

I brought lunch to work every day last week. today I splurged a bit and got an egg nog shake at mcdonalds, some gorgeous blue gift bows, and the latest john grisham novel, but little things make me happy. unfortunately they also add up.

I am still going to make my goals...but January is going to suck. there will be no "fun money" next month!

Four Years Ago Today...

December 15th, 2004 at 09:28 pm

...I left my homestay of six months and stepped onto the first of several flights that would bring me back home. Relieved to be heading back to familiar people and things, but a little wistful at the same time, I cried in the cab and mixed my languages. I was not looking forward to below zero temps at home, but I at least I was tan in December.

unfortunately, I am still paying off that experience, but I learned a lot from it. hopefully I will finally pay it off in February.

frugal things I've done lately:
- brought lunch from home yesterday and today.
- prepared a healthy dinner from scratch last night. (except for those stupid oreos...thankfully they are almost gone)
- didn't spend anything when I went shopping with a friend the other night. I didn't even feel all that tempted to spend.

a trip to walmart or target is in my near future. I will make a list and stick to it.

Monday the 13th

December 13th, 2004 at 06:22 pm

frugal thing I did today: brought lunch from home.

non-frugal thing I did today: spent more on my sweetie's christmas gift than I intended. but it was something he REALLY needs for his health, and even with that expediture, my total for everyone's holiday gifts is under $300.


December 12th, 2004 at 10:01 pm

my goals for 2005:

-pay off credit card in January. like, after the first payday in January.
-start a Roth IRA in January and contribute to it every month.
- sock at least $5 per pay period away in my emergency fund. ($5 is for really bad months...otherwise I want it to be much, much higher than that)
- pay off my car insurance in February. try to be frugal about the wedding I will be going to.
- pay off one college loan in March.
- increase payments on the other two loans starting in April.
- fully pay car insurance premium in June, without going so broke that I have to put groceries on the credit card.
- keep spending to 100% of what I make each month...not more.


Frugal Things I Did Today:
- made crockpot soup and homemade bread, thus keeping myself out of the restaurants or the delivery menus
- finished some homemade holiday gifts
- did not go shopping
- wore glasses instead of contacts (hey, this is stretching it, but not only do my eyes appreciate the break, I saved a few drops of saline)