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good news!

May 21st, 2007 at 04:15 pm

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I paid off my smaller college loan! *happy dance*

My remaining college loan is finally under $11,000! I like that the figure starts with a 10 now. Wink

To date, I've paid off $12,217 in student loans, not counting interest!

And, this isn't financially-related, but I can fit into my favorite jeans again! I've lost 11 pounds, and am consistently losing about a pound a week. It's a nice little side perk of my vegan diet. Oh cute jeans, how I've missed thee...

lattice, P365, Day 28: 5/17/07

concentration, P365, Day 29: 5/18/07

puff, P365, Day 30: 5/19/07

more with the P365

May 17th, 2007 at 01:52 pm

Getting sick of this yet?

A view while out geocaching - Day 24, 5/13/07

$3.24 a gallon and rising - Day 25, 5/14/07

lilacs, Day 26, 5/15/07

My landlord's 10-year-old dog, racing circles around me with the frisbee. He's a boxer pitbull mix, and the sweetest thing ever. Day 27, 5/16/07

Project 365 update

May 14th, 2007 at 04:52 pm

I had a wonderful weekend with my mom, sister, and SO. We found several geocaches, did a little shopping (but not too much) and enjoyed the unbelievably warm weather. Yesterday it hit 92 degrees!

Still taking photos every day! I'm posting small versions here - if you'd like to see bigger ones, click

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Guitar Hero Obsession, Day 18, 5/7/07

Got Insulin? Day 19, 5/8/07

one of my bowls, Day 20, 5/9/07

yarn, Day 21, 5/10/07

loved, Day 22, 5/11/07

family of geese we saw while out geocaching, Day 23, 5/12/07

A few more photos of geese & ducks
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so much for that

May 9th, 2007 at 04:33 pm

My mother has been back from Florida for less than 72 hours, and my great-aunt already fell and fractured her hip. She's having surgery today and will have to return to the rehab center. So much for the assisted living place, I guess - clearly, she needs constant supervision. What does that mean? A nursing home next? That's going to go over real well.

This is ridiculous. If she had only been a little less stubborn about staying in Florida... But we knew that something like this happening was inevitable. We just didn't expect it to happen so soon.

where have you traveled?

May 7th, 2007 at 08:05 pm

This is my second post of the day, but I just found

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this and had to share.

Countries I've Visited
This made me realize I really need to travel more!

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Create your own visited country map! (keep in mind, though, that you can't use their code to upload it to your blog here - I had to save the picture and upload it manually)

My USA Map looks a little better - but still! Only 54% visited! Where are my car keys? Wink

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Create your own personalized map of the USA!

weekend update

May 7th, 2007 at 02:55 pm

Mom came back from Florida this weekend, relieved to finally be back, but worried about the future. It's hard to know what to say sometimes.

We went geocaching yesterday and found three out of three! Whoo hoo! I'm glad we were able to find all of them - it made the first geocaching adventure for my mom and sister that much more fun. Smile Thanks again to the savingadvicer who mentioned it on your blog (I'm sorry, I can't remember who you were!). What a fun hobby! We approached one geocache from the wrong direction and ended up accidentally trespassing, which we didn't realize until much later. Whoops! We had no idea, though, because there were no signs, and no one came out to tell us. We walked around the grounds of an overgrown monastery, up and down a grand staircase covered in weeds and branches, and came across an old swimming pool full of trees. It looked like a movie set. I wish I had taken more photos.

It was nice to spend time with my family and friends. I spent a bit too much money on dining out, though, and I wish I had another day to relax. Oh well - back to the grind.

As for the bake sale's final figures - I made $72.15! Not bad! I should factor in the cost of ingredients (most of which I already had in the house), but frankly, I'm just content with the cash.

On to posting my Project 365 photos!

Juicy Tomatoes, Day 14: 5/3/07

Sheriff at a stoplight, Day 15: 5/4/07

My new camera, Day 16: 5/5/07

Bench, Day 17: 5/6/07

ready for the weekend

May 3rd, 2007 at 01:46 pm

Last day of the bake sale! Today I brought in caramel corn. I hope it flies off the table. I'm doing really well, but I'll save the final figure for tomorrow. Poor SO has been watching this stuff walk out of the house with just a nibble here and there, and I don't feel like baking anything more! Maybe I'll get inspired again this weekend...

I've been playing around with my new camera when I've got a spare moment...still haven't read the user manual so the photos aren't crystal clear and I don't understand all the features. Wink I'll get to it, hopefully this weekend.

P365, Day 12: 5/1/07

P365, Day 13: 5/2/07

My sister did something somewhat illogical, from my point of view. She decided to rent an apartment for her final year of college and not go home this summer. Fine and dandy, except for the fact that she has no job, no car, and no furniture. She already signed the lease and now is scrambling to find a job on campus to cover rent, utilities, and food. I hope she does, because my parents cannot help her (my father is still unemployed). Summer housing is not covered by her college loans because she isn't taking any classes. I understand wanting the independence...but I also don't get it. It's just one more year of living in a dorm, and then the rest of her life to live in an apartment. My mom is really sad about her not coming home this summer, too. Oh well, I guess, live and learn; I just hope it's not to the detriment of my parents' already delicate living situation.

3-day bake sale

May 1st, 2007 at 02:26 pm

My employer is having a three-day employee shindig this week, and I have a sale table. I'm selling baked goods, all proceeds benefiting me! I've made about $20 in the first hour. Not bad! On the table, I've got orange almond biscotti, rosemary bread, blondie bars, mini banana bread, mini banana muffins, and giant peanut butter oatmeal cookies. If it all sells, I should make about $70 today. Wish me luck!

P365, Day 11: 4/30/07
Banana Walnut Mini Muffins