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expensive end to the year

December 28th, 2017 at 08:09 pm

The last two weeks turned out far differently than I had planned! I was looking forward to spending Christmas with my family, but my younger cat started behaving oddly on 12/15. She stopped eating on 12/17, and after five vet visits, four extracted teeth, and two rounds of antibiotics, she's finally starting to come back to me. Her abject terror when presented with food means I have been syringe-feeding her 2-3 times a day just to keep her going. Thankfully she will now eat if I lock her in a room with me and coax her. I feel terrible; in addition to several painful teeth, she also had a UTI. Cats are incredibly good at hiding their pain. So, our family gathering has been rescheduled, but if my cat still isn't doing well by then, it may have to be pushed out even further. We'll see.

My other cat has been switched to a different brand of food that is good for bladder stones and allergies, and he loves it. I do not love the price, but if it keeps us out of the vet clinic and him from chewing off his skin, so be it.

Total cat-related financial damage this month: $2,120

My car's check engine light came on and needed repair - total financial damage (after coupons): $433

I've been dealing an annoying/scary health issue that required four doctor's visits in the last few months, but it finally seems to be over. Total financial damage: unsure, but likely less than $250 total, thanks to decent health insurance.

I finished my Christmas shopping early this year (of course), and my car insurance was due, so it was already a pricey month. I'm glad I have an emergency fund but it is sad to see it depleted.

My new neighbors are relatively quiet and nice but smoke a lot of pot. I know this because our basements must be connected and are not air-tight. The smell is not coming into my main living unit, so rather than fighting a losing battle with them or my apathetic landlord, I bought an air purifier for the basement. (I recently received a water shut-off notice after my landlord neglected to pay the water bill for months, so I have zero faith in him.) Yes, I could ask them to stop smoking, but I don't think they will quit or move it outside given that it's below zero. If it was coming in my main living space, it would be a different story.

Last month I purchased a decent treadmill on sale. When all of these emergency expenses hit, I initially felt guilty about the treadmill, but I bought it as an investment in my health. I'm using it several times a week, and with this weather, no way will I do my daily walk outside. I saved $150 by putting it together by took two days and a lot of swearing, but it hasn't fallen apart yet! I love it and I'm glad I have it.

My grad school orientation is tonight - that came up fast! School starts in two weeks!