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April stats

April 29th, 2005 at 06:46 am

The month isn't over yet, but I'm so tired that I'm hopefully going to go home and go to bed and not spend anything tonight. Tomorrow, hopefully more of the same (sleeping, not spending). We might spend $7 at the farmer's market on milk tomorrow, but that's it.


$62.08 groceries (my part), $164 total (BF insisted on paying a lot this month)
$105.31 gasoline
$57.65 eating out (my part), exorbitant total I'm sure but I didn't keep track
$80 ATM
$90 household stuff (including $25 gift card used)
$471.59 credit card payment
$389.27 other (aquarium needs, haircut, climbing shoes, stamps, other small extras)
$75 savings

110% of monthly income spent counting savings, 106% of monthly income spent not counting savings

It's kind of freaky, seeing those amounts added up. The haircut and the climbing shoes really inflated my "other" category.

In May my goal is to spend less than 100% of my income. I am switching car insurance in June (saving about $200 a year) and would like to pay that chunk of money all at once so I will be done for the year. In order to do that, I will have to postpone paying off my credit card in full until July, and I will need to spend less throughout May. I'm concentrating more on the 60% spending plan (found on msn money). I think I can swing it, I just have to be steadfast.

If I could find a lower rent apartment that doesn't have drug dealers on the corner, that would be ideal. It would be nice to save some money in that area. We're looking at two places today and two tomorrow, which will bring our viewed total up to 18. yeah - I'm picky when it comes to living arrangements.

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