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it promises to be a weird weekend

April 8th, 2005 at 10:05 am

My mom just called saying that she wants me to go to a friend's masseuse to treat my headaches. She's been saying this for a while, but I've always said I don't have the money. Today she is insisting upon giving me the money to see this woman. So, I called the masseuse, and it was a bizarre conversation. She does not speak much English. I had trouble understanding her over the phone. In any case, she is coming to my house on Sunday with her massage table and I am to have two bedsheets ready for it. I had no idea this was a come-to-my-house sort of thing. I had trouble getting it across to her that I am NOT living with my parents. Apparently my parents' friend swears by this woman, though, so I will give it a shot, even though it seems really quite odd. How much do you tip a person who comes to your house with their massage table? I have no idea.

Weirder still, my mother wants me to see another doctor whom this friend goes to. This doctor puts little vials of chemicals on different areas of your stomach and it does different things to your body to adjust you, apparently. I am extremely hesitant about calling this guy (go figure). If it gets rid of my headaches, then it's worth it, I guess. First, however, I need to get up the courage to dial his phone number.

It reminds me of when my boss wanted me to go to her healer. I didn't, though, because it was $125/hr!

On Sunday we were going to go look at a duplex that I was really excited about, but the owner just emailed me and said it is no longer available. He wouldn't let us come see it any sooner. I'm bummed about that, it was in a cool old victorian house!

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