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cute hair, not a cute price

April 15th, 2005 at 06:49 am

My hair!!! I LOVE IT!!! She is a miracle worker. It's way shorter than it's ever been (not remotely near my shoulders) but I seriously love it. It's a lot blonder now, and closer to my natural color. I loved the brown, but it's time for summer! The price was not as pretty, however. I ended up spending $110. I'm not quite sure how we got to that amount, but I think she put in lowlights AND highlights, so that would do it. I went $50 over on my haircut budget. I've been shimmying other things around in my budget this morning, trying to find a way to still celebrate the umpteen occasions that are coming up, but also have enough money to pay off my credit card in May. What I'd like is an everlasting fountain of money. No, not youth, all I get is crap for being too young.

The girls are coming over tonight, yay! Just what I need.

The duplex was great...huge master bedroom, wood floors, large living room and kitchen, big french doors on the bedroom and lots of light...but the neighborhood was not great. The landlord kept talking about how the police drive by all the time (I suppose that was to make us feel safe), and there are drug dealers around occasionally, etc. Yeah, that doesn't thrill me. We're going to keep looking. What I really want is a HOUSE, with a big kitchen and lots of natural light in a good neighborhood. and a garden. sigh. My stylist said no one ever really figures anything out, which was probably supposed to make me feel better too, but it really didn't.

YAY for the weekend!

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