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gorgeous weather!!

April 3rd, 2005 at 04:19 pm

is it spring? is it really, really spring? oh, I am so happy. the weather is gorgeous. my BF and I went for a walk to enjoy it.

let's see...spending rundown for the weekend.

Friday: BF bought dinner. thank goodness.
Saturday: breakfast at friend's house (free). lunch at Chipotle ($15.12).
Sunday: five loads of laundry....did I mention how glad I am that I don't pay for water? or that part of the electric bill?

my weekend has had a lot of ups and downs. overall, I'd say it has been good, though. I took a ton of photos on Friday and Saturday, and then being the dummy that I am, I accidentally deleted most of my My Pictures file. (HOW did that happen? I have no idea) so I've been trying to recover it. I got some of them back, but I need my computer expert here to help me with the rest. he has gone to a movie with a friend, so I'll have to ask sweetly later.

I'm broke until Friday. I'm going climbing with a friend tomorrow, so I'll have to bring the $3 or whatever it is to rent shoes in quarters and dimes!

overall, though, I'm pretty happy today. Smile warm, sunny weather really lifts my mood.

edited to add: I completely forgot to mention that I put two for sale listings up on eBay today! we'll see how they do.

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