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cheetos are my drug of choice

April 14th, 2005 at 07:26 am

I'm feeling a bit better. My body is really fighting it. and just for PrincessPerky, my illness has nothing to do with pregnancy. Stick Out Tongue

Last night I went to Walmart to pick up aquarium necessities. I spent $25.09 on aquarium things, $15.52 on groceries, and $26.91 on other things like face wash, conditioner, cheetos, and chocolate. It was more than I had planned, but I kept thinking of more things I needed (wanted, in the case of chocolate and cheetos), and corn was $.38 a can!

In 11 short hours I will have well-cut, highlighted hair yet again. I am REALLY looking forward to that.

I prepared what I could for Friday's dinner and put it in the fridge. Tonight is just too busy to be boiling potatoes and all that. I desperately need to wash dishes tonight, though. Days like this I really wish I had a dishwasher!

We're looking at another duplex tonight. It has a dishwasher. And, it's 12 minutes to work. We'll see...it's a little pricier than we wanted, and it's not in the neighborhood we wanted, but the kitchen looks gorgeous online.

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