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October 27th, 2017 at 11:30 am

Hi all!

I'm still renting. My realtor continues to send me properties, but at this point, I wouldn't want to move until the spring. However, I will be getting new neighbors very soon (and we share several walls with little sound insulation). I'm hoping for quiet people, especially because I have a very anxious, noise-sensitive cat.

I've got another venture in the works - I'm going to grad school! I enrolled in a MA in leadership program that I think will work well in my current department and potentially anywhere else I choose to go. I'm a bit nervous! I think it's the right choice given my rather random work history and unrelated bachelor's degrees, but I wish I felt 100% sure it's the perfect choice for my future. I'm not thrilled about taking out student loans (since I am completely debt free and have been for a long time), but I'm planning to cap them around $10K total and pay the rest myself. My employer offers $2000 in tuition reimbursement per year, which will help. The program will only take 18 months, so I'll finish a few months after I turn 40!

I plan to continue to receive home listings with the hope that prices will come down a bit and maybe something perfect will pop up next year.

I'm still struggling with forcing myself to have an active social life. I deleted all of my dating apps months ago and haven't attended any meetups either. I guess I've fallen into the work-home routine and haven't felt like putting in the effort to meet new people. I'm a homebody at heart.

Speaking of home, I made spaghetti squash with spicy peanut sauce, stir fry veggies, and baked tofu. It was so amazing that I bought another spaghetti squash just to have it again!

3 Responses to “update”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Your school venture sounds exciting, and with the employer paying some, seems like a manageable expense. Your dinner sounds amazing.

  2. veronak Says:

    Congratulations on returning to school, you'll love grad school. If you're a little nervous try speaking to individuals who are currently in the program about the pros and cons. Sometimes universities host free events with alumnus, you might want to attend those events meeting others who have gone through the program as well. Holidays are approaching so there are a ton of events

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That is awesome news about returning to school! Be sure to find out any and all scholarships and grants - I was able to fund 1/3 of my Master's that way - some as small as $50!

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