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not much luck on the homebuying front

August 1st, 2017 at 02:06 pm

Well, I've looked at 27 houses and haven't had much luck. Prices keep going up up up, and these houses don't merit their listing prices, in my opinion. I considered making an offer on a couple of them, but they didn't quite feel right, so I didn't. I'd have to give my landlord 2 months' notice, so I'm running out of time to avoid moving in the winter! There's no rush for me to buy, and I knew going in that it might not happen this year. I just hope my car outlasts the market so I don't have to ruin my home ownership goal by financing a car. (I know, pay cash, don't finance, but that's not a realistic option.)

This summer has been full of fun classes and socializing and too much spending! I had to take a last minute trip across the country to visit an ill relative, but my mom went as well, which turned it into a relatively pleasant trip.

Thanks to whomever posted about the Frugalwoods blog! I've found it inspirational and am planning to have a frugal August.

I've lost 5 pounds just by cutting back slightly on my calories and walking more. I bought a new FitBit a couple of months ago and it has definitely helped motivate me to get up my from my desk more often!

7 Responses to “not much luck on the homebuying front”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Great job on the weight loss and moving more!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    If you've looked at 27 houses and not loved any of them, it's just not time. You'll know your house when you see it, even if it's next year!

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    I wish I could remember how many houses I looked at before I found this one, but I do remember I went nearly every weekend for 6 months and it felt like I looked at a ton. Ironically, my realtor was showing me tons of places but for some reason he did not pick this one; I actually saw it in MLS and said, "What about this one?" Once I saw it, I felt very excited about it and knew I wanted to make an offer.

    If you find it pleasant enough to do, I would continue looking; over time, I felt I had a better handle on prices and whether or not they reflected actual value. You might also reconsider your mental list of "must haves" and decide whether any of those could be relegated to "nice to haves." It's rare that any one property is going to perfectly meet all your criteria, so you may have to make compromises.

    In my house, for instance, all 3 bedrooms are fairly small (although large bedrooms were never a priority). The house needed a new roof and new furnace, and the former owners wouldn't let me run the dye test on the septic system because it was during a drought and they were afraid they'd run out of water.

    Those things could have been deal-breakers with some other buyer, but I got the new roof, the new furnace and I was able to hook up to the municipal water supply and sewer system so those are all non-issues now.

    If you wait til next year, interest rates could also rise, although I haven't been following the fed's plans in that regard. I hope you don't feel too discouraged and keep looking.

  4. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    My house buying experience was such an anomaly in that we only saw one house! Well, technically, two since the one around the corner from ours was also up for sale. We hadn't picked it to look at, but just wanted to compare it to ours since we were already in the neighborhood. That house was more expensive and nowhere near as nice. We've been here almost a year and love it.

    You'll definitely know pretty quickly. Kudos for not offering on any since you were not totally sold on it!

  5. snafu Says:

    We've repeatedly bought homes in different [unfamiliar] cities as a result of career opportunities and would have been overwhelmed looking at so many houses. If your willing to discuss your search criteria, perhaps we can be helpful.

  6. kashi Says:

    Thanks rob62521!

    CB & Deb-free - I hope you are right! I've never had that "you just know" feeling about anything (or anyone), so fingers crossed.

    PS - I do find searching for homes fun, to some degree. I've looked at some real doozies but that's part of the experience. The possibility of the Fed raising interest rates again does greatly concern me.

    Snafu - This is my second home-buying experience in this city, and I've lived here for 16 years, so I have a pretty good grip on desirable neighborhoods and such. I don't feel particularly overwhelmed since the home viewing has been drawn out over several months. Some of my friends here looked at 80-100 homes before buying. Hopefully I won't get to that point...

  7. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I lost my Fitbit One on Sunday, and have replaced it with a Flex 2. I like how it reminds me to move each hour, but I do miss the clock function.

    We looked at a lot of houses and were getting discouraged - when my boss pointed out the listing for our house! When the time is right, you'll find your home.

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