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January 19th, 2007 at 06:55 pm

SO and I headed out last night, determined to be social little bees and attend our first event. We arrived at the designated restaurant to find it closed. Apparently the owners decided to remodel it (last night). There was no sign on the door telling us to go elsewhere, and no one standing in the street, so we walked to another restaurant and dined alone. A bit of a bummer. The group organizer claims to have put a sign up on the restaurant door, but there wasn't one when we got there.

Tonight I may bake a birthday cake for a friend. She's mostly vegan, and I found a great

Text is vegan cheesecake recipe and Link is
vegan cheesecake recipe that I'm dying to try. We'll see if she's up for that or not...if not, I may just bake it anyway. Wink It looks fabulous.

Today is Vegan Friday. I had a wheat bagel with peanut butter for breakfast and a banana. I've got an apple and dinner leftovers for lunch - vegetable curry with rice and vegetable pan-fried noodles. What to have for dinner? hmmmm.... I talked veganism over with SO last night, and he doesn't feel he can give up eggs and cheese too easily. We decided to start with one vegan day a week and see how it goes. I became vegetarian without any prep (cold-turkey, as they say) but slowly working on vegan meals feels better. SO still sometimes eats seafood when we go out, but doesn't cook it at home, thankfully.

I never feel good when the credit card bill is higher than a paycheck. I've taken the money out of savings to pay for the car repair bills, but's too high, too scary. February will be a new year for me...more contemplation, as I become an even-numbered age again. At some point, I've got to move from contemplation to action.

2 Responses to “no meetup”

  1. DivaJen Says:

    I'm turning an even-age in February too. What day's your birthday? Mine's the 24th. Smile
    I like your idea of moving slowly into veganism with one day a week. That seems very doable! The school I'm at often has vegan-friendly lunches. If I come across some good entree/side dish ideas I'll let you know.

  2. kashi Says:

    Neat! Mine is the 6th.

    I did pretty well with the vegan thing on Friday, except for when I took a sip of SO's mocha (oops!).

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