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stuck to the list, but...

December 15th, 2006 at 09:03 am

My Target run the other night went pretty well. I stuck to the list and spent my budgeted amount of $60 (only a few cents over!). However, I couldn't find a few things:

- parchment paper
- cellophane bags (to put fudge into)
- a cat toobrush and toothpaste

My furry little girl has tarter on her teeth, so we need to start scrubbing. Wink We'll see how well that goes over. I'll just look at a pet store for that.

Parchment paper and cellophane bags have me mystified, though. I know we bought those cellophane bags at Target last winter. Where else should I look? Would the dollar store have them? Walmart?

Last night was biscotti night. I made a spiced biscotti, and it turned out so well! The first attempt yielded fabulous results. I need to pick up a few more ingredients (where did my bottle of honey wander off to??) and I'll finish my holiday baking this weekend.

SO has had the flu this week, so we haven't collectively accomplished much. The tree is still untrimmed (still beautiful, though!). I'm fighting off the illness with lots of tea, Halls Defense drops, multi-vitamins, and Airborne. Maybe it's just the placebo effect, but I love that Airborne stuff.

So glad it's Friday!!

9 Responses to “stuck to the list, but...”

  1. Bookie Says:

    I think I'd pay admission to watch someone brush a cat's teeth for the first time.


  2. alianora Says:

    Parchment paper can be found at baking supply stores. I know Michael's should have it as well. Im pretty sure you can find it at Walmart in the baking aisle as well..

  3. kashi Says:

    Bookie - Ah ha! Perhaps I'll video record it and share it (assuming I have any fingers left with which to type). Wink

    Alianora, thanks for the tips! I think I'll check at Michaels.

  4. LuxLiving Says:

    I got bags like you're describing at Albertson's grocery.

  5. mjrube94 Says:

    Try a party store for the bags...hope SO feels better.

  6. baselle Says:

    Bookie - I'll bet its on YouTube. Who knows...maybe they've got a video of a zoo keeper brushing a tiger's teeth. I still would look in the grocery store for your items, just look high, not at eye level.

  7. crazyliblady Says:

    Hi, Kashi. You can probably locate the cellophane bags at some place like Paper Factor or any place that sells wrapping paper and party supplies. The dollar stores like Dollar General might have them, too. The one here seems to have all kinds of weird stuff that I wouldn't normally think of. I like shopping there better than Walmart because there's never a line and I can use my debit card.

  8. kashi Says:

    I still could not find parchment paper (none at Michaels, and no Albertsons in Minnesota). I didn't make it over to Walmart. I ended up using non-stick aluminum foil instead, and it was fine. Weird, though!

    I did find the cellophane bags at a party store...the last three packages in captivity! They didn't have any at the dollar store or Walgreens, either.

  9. Sunshine Suz Says:

    Have you tried the nighttime Airbourne?

    You drop the tabliet in boiling water. It has a kind of apple cidar taste. Very warm and good!

    I LOVE Airbourne too and I think it works!

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