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what goes on in billing depts?

November 9th, 2006 at 01:54 pm

My chiropractor's billing department has taken to sending me a bill every month, for services rendered in August...services that were also paid in August. They don't answer the phone, and don't return phone calls, so today I wrote a letter. Enough is enough.

A different doctor's billing department just got around to sending me a bill from services rendered in August. I still haven't received a bill for September. I guess they aren't too concerned about getting their money!

My health insurance is going up $427 a year. Ouch. I am lucky enough to work for a place that allows me to have my SO on my health insurance. We will split the extra cost. Bummer, though!

I'm making a list of things I can make to send to people for the holidays:

- jewelry
- bubble magnets
- framed photographs
- rosemary bread
- truffles
- snicker's fudge
- dipped pretzels
- biscotti

Any other ideas? I can crochet as well, but just about everyone has received a hat and scarf (or 2).

10 Responses to “what goes on in billing depts?”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    I think I may need a snicker's fudge recipe really bad about now! Send or post recipe please?????????

    Must H A V E Chocolate!!!

  2. tinapbeana Says:

    soup mix in a jar? or cookies mix in a jar? allrecipes.com has bunches of these available for free.

    one year i made lemon pepper olive oil, rosemary garlic vinegar, and a spice rub and gave out sets.

  3. fairy74 Says:

    ooh, I am with LuxLiving...snicker's fudge, I have to work for another hour and now will be unable to concentrate...YUMMY!

  4. JanH Says:

    How can I get on your people to give to list?????!!!!!!!!!

  5. paigu Says:

    Medical billing is extremely difficult and confusing. Some medical conditions can fall under different categories and they (hospital or doctor's office) will get reimbursed different amounts.
    Or it could just be computer error. Darn technology!
    Your gift ideas sound great! Have you tried folding origami? You can make some beautiful shapes/structures- instructions are free and plentiful online.
    Another cool thing I was thinking to do was to reprint photos onto heavy cards, cut them up into puzzles for my dear little nephews and niece.

  6. baselle Says:

    Depends on how big the billing department is. It might just be one or two people. I suspect that with my chiropractor. Anyway, I'm waiting for his bill. I figure I can make a good amount of interest in the time that he's taking.

  7. PRICEPLUS Says:

    I hate medical billing departments! I have had nothing but trouble over the years. Duplicate bills, bills sent late, problems between them and the Insurance company! Arrgghhhhh!!!! I wish I could always saty healthy!

    Good Luck Kashi! I know the feeling!EEK!Smile

  8. jen-taylor Says:

    because the way doctors have to wait on insurance company for payment, paperwork slows things down.

    on the other hand, yummy food!

  9. budgetmom Says:

    I love double thickness crocheted pot holders. They are thick enough to keep you from getting burned, and I find, easier to grip with. I use them to hold my coffee mugs alot around the house. You could make some up and put them with some of your baked goods and a recipe. Also, I like those crocheted little scratchy pads that you clean your pots and pans with. Better for the environment than those cheapy plastic ones, you can just throw them in the washer and use them again!

  10. kashi Says:

    Puzzle pictures - great!

    Double thickness crochet pot holders? Crocheted scratchy pads? I've never thought of that! Google, here I come...

    Yeah, I'm sure they are both small billing departments. I just wish they'd answer the phone or return messages.

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