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October 30th, 2006 at 10:46 am

$9 - That's how much I'll have in my checking account after paying all the bills this week. Yikes. And that's got to last how long? The credit card bill was a bit high this month due to our grocery gift card buying. I pay off all of my credit cards every month (and apparently, so does 54% of the U.S. population!). In November, I've got to be more frugal. Just because I have a coupon for something does not mean I have to buy it.

The weekend was chaotic, no two ways about it. It took four trips with a mid-sized moving truck and van to move my brother-in-law. Yikes. I definitely got my weight-bearing exercise in.

I found I have an extra $25 holiday gift to buy. SO's family decided that each adult should draw one adult's name and one child's name this year. I wasn't really planning on the latter. I'll need to do some online scouring to get great deals and still stay within budget.

Yesterday we went to a park that geese flock to and I took two full rolls of film. I recently fixed my camera myself - it had a light leak - so now we'll see if my handiwork paid off. It was so relaxing being outside with my tripod and camera, SO with his sketch pad, and perfect fall weather. Just what I needed in the midst of familial chaos.

This week's goal: No spending until Saturday night!

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