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October 27th, 2006 at 08:26 am

Thank you. Really, thank you. Your comments made me get a bit teary-eyed at work. Sometimes I feel so alone and unsupported. Perhaps it has something to do with living in the midwest? Of course, not everyone here is judgmental, but it can be a pretty conservative place. As an example - a (former) friend once told me that you weren't a family unless you took your husband's name. I guess I should notify my sister-in-law, since she kept her maiden name and has children!

That's not to say that I feel any pressure whatsoever from my parents or SO's parents to do anything. They are great (and don't want to argue with me about it). Wink Both mothers call our cats their grandchildren and, as such, spoil them rotten. I just get angry when I feel like my marital status defines all that I am as a person to people who don't know me at all. I am far more than that.

On to dinner! Last night we went to

Text is Ecopolitan Restaurant and Link is http://www.ecopolitan.com/restaurant-minneapolis/menu
Ecopolitan Restaurant. It's a vegan, organic, raw food restaurant tucked away in a converted apartment building. Now, I know lots of people are wrinkling their noses, but believe me when I tell you that the food was DELICIOUS.

Raw foodists believe that some nutrition is lost when food is cooked. Chips and "bread" are made in a dehydrator (up to a certain temperature), tea is lukewarm, etc. They don't eat any meat, dairy products, or eggs. Food is not baked, fried, sauteed, or microwaved. It's hard to imagine a life without that, right?

We started off with an appetizer of flax seed chips, guacamole, and salsa. That guacamole was so wonderful; I make a mean guacamole, but I need to figure out what was in that! Next we each had smoothies - I had Dark Date, SO had a coconut one. I will be replicating mine at home with bananas, dates, and carob. So good.

Next, our entrees came to the table: spicy thai noodles and fettucini alfredo. The presentation was incredible, just like what you'd see at a fancy restaurant. The 'noodles' were zucchini cut into thin strips, and they even looked like noodles! Both dishes were sooo good. We took a piece of coconut cream pie home with us, and though it wasn't as sweet as traditional desserts, it was really good for something uncooked. We couldn't figure out what it was made of. Overall, it was a great experience (though a bit pricey, but understandably so), and we'll be back. It was even better than I had anticipated.

We also saw The Queen in the theater. It was about the Queen of England and her response to Diana's death (or lack thereof, really). Very good movie, but pretty sad. Lots of shots of Diana and people sobbing.

This weekend, we're heading out to help SO's brother move into his new house. I hope all goes well and everyone remains calm and rational.

Happy Halloween weekend! If you need some cute ideas, check out
Text is bettycrocker.com and Link is http://www.bettycrocker.com
bettycrocker.com. I particularly like the
Text is Ghosts on Broomsticks and Link is http://www.bettycrocker.com/Recipes/Recipe.aspx?recipeId=37888
Ghosts on Broomsticks recipe.

4 Responses to “raw food”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Their banana split recipe looked yummers!

  2. jodi_m Says:

    Wow, dinner sounds very interesting. Not really my type of thing, but I could see enjoying the experience. It is true that a lot of nutrients are lost in cooking (especially in my mother's "boil the heck out of it" cooking). We are trying to eat a lot more fresh and steamed veggies, but that's as far as I could probably take it. I had heard of "raw foods" before, but thought it pertained to fruits/veggies. I didn't realize it encompassed all foods. Thanks for sharing.

  3. MsSuperSaver Says:

    I never knew that kind of restaurant existed. After checking out the link and wishing I was in Minnesota just to be able to try it, I Googled vegan restaurants in Seattle and found one that looks promising. Hopefully I'll have time to try it tomorrow. Thanx for the idea!!

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    a (former) friend once told me that you weren't a family unless you took your husband's name.
    That's preposterous!

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