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fending off the 'want' demons

September 28th, 2006 at 07:24 am

Jamming to tunes with my new MP3 toy. Thanks for the music recommendations, baselle!

This morning I provided slapstick comedy for my fellow busriders by slip-sliding down the rain-slicked aisle and nearly plopping onto a teenager's lap. The teenagers found it highly amusing. I had forgotten how juvenile humor thoroughly amuses high school students.

The pottery class last night was a bit...disappointing. Four of the seven students have taken this particular class more than once, and the instructor seemed more interested in chatting them up than helping out the newbies. He was completely unprepared to teach. Afterwards I was quite frustrated, but tonight I am going to the library to scour the pottery how-to books. If he's not going to teach me, I'll figure it out myself. At least I have access to the clay, wheels, glaze, and kilns.

I'm signing up to work overtime during the holiday season again this year. I could stand to make a decent amount of money if we have high product demand. Wish I could tell you what it is! Stick Out Tongue

I found a bunch of random gift cards in my purse, so I decided to tally up the leftover amounts. It came to $155! Nice! I'll have to make sure to use them up before the annual penalty fees kick in.

I decided on a digital SLR camera a few days ago (thought I wanted a Nikon until I actually held it in my hands - way too big!). Yesterday I tip-toed onto dangerous ground. I researched the best price, and then checked out 0% financing credit card offers. I talked myself out of applying for any. I could potentially have the money to buy it by the end of November, if I work hard at it. What's more important, though - a fancy new camera, or that long-desired trip to Mexico? The selfish me says both! Stick Out Tongue

6 Responses to “fending off the 'want' demons”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Which MP3 did you get?

    Also, I recommend emusic.com, if you haven't heard of it already.

  2. kashi Says:

    I got a Creative Zen Nano Plus. I have an iPod Mini (which I love too), but I really wanted one with a radio so I could tune into NPR.

    emusic.com - thanks!

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Heh. Love NPR/BBC. Yeah, the lack of a built-in FM tuner (and recorder for that matter) is kind of a bummer for the iPods. Apple does sell it as a separate accessory, but I admit that's not quite the same. For now, I'm fine with my shuffle when I'm out and about, and ordinary MP3 CDs when I'm at home for my music needs. Radio is available in both locations as well, but separately.

    What I REALLY want to know is what's all this hub-bub about full screen iPods and the iPhone. Stick Out Tongue

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oh, and as far as non-Apple MP3 players, I love iRiver products, especially the Clix. I really can't justify buying another MP3 player, but if I did, that's what I would get.

  5. Broken Arrow Says:

    Cameras! I can't believe I missed that.

    Canon's Powershot series has been lauded as an excellent digital camera that is portable enough for casual use without compromising any quality. While the fall lineup introduces many refreshes with high megapixel counts, the older models work just as well (but is as low as 5 megapixels if that matters to you). Best of all, they are quite affordable for what they are, starting at $200 for the A530.

    I only know this because I've been drooling at one. Stick Out Tongue

  6. Broken Arrow Says:

    I'm ... not really helping you fight off those want demons, am I?

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