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good, bad, ugly

September 20th, 2006 at 08:09 am

~ Received full refund for bad half.com transaction
~ Received full refund for damaged overstock.com product
~ Reserved a campsite in October up north at a park that's said to be just gorgeous - can't wait!
~ Received a card in the mail yesterday from a good friend saying she's there for me!
~ Saved $5 at Petsmart and $18 at Target last night with coupons
~ Free work lunch today
~ SO got up and made me breakfast this morning!
~ My back feels monumentally better after Monday's massage

~ Spent $163 at Target last night
~ Submitted Priceline offer was denied for cheap hotel room - will have to try again later (coincides with camping trip)
~ Have spent $50 in gifts this month
~ Prescriptions and doctors visits are adding up - $110 so far
~ Went shopping last night instead of job hunting
~ Have spent $160 on groceries already this month

~ Still no word from my doctor about the biopsy results
~ Have not made it to the swimming pool yet
~ Have spent over $400 on things for ME alone - community ed classes, books, fall candles, wine, eating out, massage
~ Won't make most of my goals this month

At least the good outweighs the bad (we won't even talk about the ugly), but sheesh! Obviously I self-medicate with stuff when I'm stressed.

2 Responses to “good, bad, ugly”

  1. JanH Says:

    Waiting for biopsies and tests results should qualify in another category of life. SUPER STRESS. Hope all is well.

  2. flash Says:

    A few things, my friend. First...spending on "ME" can be a good investment for everybody! Nothing sounds outrageously selfish, a few candles, books, a few things to relax while you are WAITING for doctors results. Stress has its own short term and long term costs! Doing a few preemptive things to get through the waiting period...Priceless!

    Second, hmmm...did you reevaluate your goals after you learned you would have a biopsy? Life throws us curve balls, and if you keep evaluating yourself without adapting, you'll miss out on your success.

    And you are doing an amazing job! Look at your blog on your one day of coupon savings. Maybe it wasn't every single day, but if you were shopping every single day you'd have different issues Smile Look at what you HAVE accomplished, in spite and despite of all the things that could have completely derailed you.

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