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I heart coupons

July 21st, 2006 at 02:02 pm

We cleaned the house in a hurry last night and then zipped over to the grocery store. We saved $13 with coupons...I was pretty proud of myself. Smile Shopping was so much easier having SO by my side (as most things are). We only spent $100, and that will last for a while. We bought some neat new Morningstar products to try (with coupons). I am having trouble finding specific toilet paper and specific bagged lettuce, though. Perhaps they just aren't available here.

My aunts will arrive this afternoon. Big Grin I took the afternoon off. I purchased some more

Text is Cutemol hand cream and Link is
Cutemol hand cream (with an online coupon, of course) and have to pick it up from the post office before they arrive. I bought a big container for my mom, so my aunts can bring it with them when they visit my parents next week.

I MUST remember to get a Sunday paper this weekend. Coupons on the brain, I tell ya! SO laughs, but he is awed by how much we are saving.

2 Responses to “I heart coupons”

  1. flash Says:

    Okay, you must tell me about the hand cream! Sensitive hands, and cracked cuticles, are my frustration, and I hate greasy lotions. Does it work???

  2. kashi Says:

    It really does work. My MIL has psoriasis on her hands, and the women in my family always have cracked cuticles and split fingers in the winter. It is a little bit tacky when you first put it on, but it dries fairly quickly. Use small quantities. If it's too tacky for you, rinse your hands under water after applying it, and you'll still get the benefits.

    This stuff works wonders on my cracked heels, too!

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