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great deals & coupon delights!

July 10th, 2006 at 12:27 am

About a week ago, I checked out the Coupon Train forum and read all about it. It sounded really interesting...but I thought to myself, "I don't even use coupons as it is! How can I join a coupon train?" So today, I did my best to pull out the coupons I've saved up and use them.

Today I saved $33.05 using coupons, and got $10 back in rebates!

That's not much compared to some of the coupon greats around here, but they are inspiring me to do better. Perhaps I'll dip my toes in the Midwest Coupon Train the next time it rolls around.

PetSmart is giving $5 rebate gift cards if you buy certain items in-store. Mostly big bags of cat and dog food qualify, but since I had a $5 off Science Diet coupon, I used it and saved! Yippee!

I also used a ton of coupons at Target and came away with a lot of pop (thanks to those Coke Olympic coupons). My stash of soda is nowhere near the quantity of ImaSaver's, but it will do. Wink

Overall, I'm pretty pleased. The only thing I splurged on this weekend was a stack of books (a trip to

Text is Half Price Books and Link is
Half Price Books set me back $42). I have a penchant for novels about the Tudor family, Elizabeth I in particular, and they had a couple of thick books I couldn't pass up. Also got a cookbook,
Text is Vegetarian Cookbook for Cheese Lovers and Link is
Vegetarian Cookbook for Cheese Lovers. Mmmm, my kind of cookbook.

Several family members are popping in and out over the next couple of weeks. I should really plan menus. I have a lot of cleaning to do, too.

I didn't scare the birthday girls too much yesterday, and they were really excited about our present to them - time with us. I need to remember that time together is often so much more valuable than a book or a trinket.

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  1. flash Says:

    Good going! Everyone is a coupon great, they just need great coupons Wink
    Just so happens, we have an opening in the Midwest train right now, as it wings it's postal wings back to me for if you like, give a skim through my have list (it's in my blog), everything there is available to coupon train members, ask and you shall receive! Oh, and if you can use printables, I probably have an extra $5 Science Diet (we can't use printables or FREEs here.)

    (you don't need to live and breathe coupons to be on a train...just inspired)

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