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homemade Father's Day gift?

June 5th, 2006 at 02:38 pm

I finally called the doctor's office today, and the CT scan was perfectly normal. YAY! and *whew*. I'm so glad.

The only thing is...what's up with these headaches? The daily ones are getting worse, not better. I'm going to give this med another week, and if it hasn't improved by then, I'll be going back to the doctor. Has anyone tried antidepressants to treat headaches? That may be my next step.

My family visited this weekend, and we had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect, so we grilled fresh peppers, onions, red potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and salmon (for the fish-eaters). I made trifle for dessert. I baked a wonderful banana bread for breakfast, too. I felt good about their visit, since they didn't have to buy any meals. I spent a bit on groceries, but it was worth it.

I'm trying to come up with a homemade Father's Day gift. Any ideas? I'm well past the point of drawing cute pictures for him and I don't have any kids to do it for me. I don't think the kitties would like me to dip their paws in paint...

I wish I knew exactly how much the CT scan is going to cost...it could be anywhere from $40-$90, depending on how they bill it. That will determine if I have any wiggle room in my budget.

2 Responses to “homemade Father's Day gift?”

  1. flash Says:

    Memory book? Pennies to make the book, don't know about cost of photos.

  2. robex Says:

    One year, 9 years ago, when I seriously had NO money for a gift, I bought my Dad a nice card and wrote him a looong letter thanking him for being such a great Dad, and letting him know all the things I appreciate about him.

    The best thing was, as he was reading it, he started to cry. My Dad is not an emotional type of guy, so this meant a lot to me...

    He still has the letter in his sock drawer!

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