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May/June goals

May 30th, 2006 at 11:57 am

May Goals:
~ Pay double on smaller college loan: YES
~ Limit groceries/Target/eating out to $300: NO, $320
~ Drive to work no more than 5 times: NO, 8 times
~ Put $100+ into savings: NO, $50
~ Donate $25 to charity of choice: YES

As you can see, my progress in May was minimal. I'm not posting any June goals because I can already see that the month is going to be rough. I'm also sick of posting goals and not being able to attain them.

Calgon, take me away (and bring lots of money)....

3 Responses to “May/June goals”

  1. kylieb266 Says:

    you still achieved SOME of them, so don't be so hard on yourself, I think your doing great!

    At least you have the guts to give yourself some goals, and put them out there for us to see.

    When I get my government benefits fixed up I might try posting one or two goals a month on my blog, and then seeing how I go for a month.

  2. Carl Says:

    Don't give up on the goals, if if you don't make them, how bad would you have missed them if you did not have them? Be happy that you saved and are payuing down debt. Some months you won't hit them but you will hit them some months. Like the stock market you are in for hte long haul don't let short term issues stop the long term plan.

  3. MsSuperSaver Says:

    Actually, that's what goals are for. If you can easily achieve all of them then they weren't very good goals. Your goals should make you really strech to reach some of them, yet have a few easier goals to keep you feeling motivated. I think you did great in May!

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