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what's with this week??

May 9th, 2006 at 08:12 am

I just had a meeting with my boss because she sent me a scathing email yesterday about a project I was supposed to lead (and didn't know it). It was a bit of a misunderstanding but the meeting left me feeling worse. She was rather condescending. The best part is that I have a full review next week...I can't wait to hear about how I need to be coddled and have horrible communications skills.

I was so upset last night that I spent the whole evening searching for a new job. SO and I were brainstorming on what sort of job I'd do well. I love researching, so it would be fun to be a researcher at a private investigation firm (how does one get into that?). I like baking, but bakers don't get paid much. Could I be a sonogram technician? How about a kindergarten teacher? (I balked at the last one.) Wink I've been trying to break into newspaper/magazine/book editing for five years with no luck. It seems like it might be time to give it up.

I'd a like a job that doesn't require me to have a supervisor and doesn't require me to supervise. That's pretty much impossible, I know. I don't want to be a salesperson, either. We floated around the writing idea again...I'd love to write full time. I have story ideas. I just need to get over the fear of failure and criticism.

No word from that job interview, but I'm hoping I'll get a call today. That would definitely make this week a lot better.

6 Responses to “what's with this week??”

  1. carol Says:

    That's the type of boss you just can't work with for very long. If it's not that it would be anything else.

    Try checking into Reader's Digest for writing freelance stories and articles.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Sorry, hope your week goes better!!

  3. mjrube94 Says:

    When I was in college, I read a lot about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Basically, you fill out a lot of answers to different types of questions, and based on the results, it tells you which careers are typically associated with that profile. I thought it was pretty interesting, and it may give you ideas for careers you haven't thought of...

    I laughed when you mentioned not having a supervisor. Have you ever seen the Dilbert cartoon where he said he wanted a job with no measurable goals, where he could work from home without supervision. The other guy said "So you only want to come in to pick up your check" and Dilbert said "Nah...I want direct deposit". Funny.

    Good luck with all of this! Whatever happened to California?

  4. LittleGopher Says:

    Remember, you are more than your job. With all of your thoughtful soul-searching, you are bound to figure out your work situation. Sorry about how difficult it's been lately. Best wishes!

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your problems with your boss. As you may remember, I can definitely empthasize (sp?) with your feelings about your job. I also thought that I would never find something else where I could be happy, becuase teaching was all I ever thought I wanted to do.
    But it's worked out for me. I am happy where I am, and have the possibility of advancement (which I could take or leave.) I have faith that it is going to work out for you. It may not happen as quickly as you'd like it to, you may begin to wonder if it's ever going to happen.... but keep persisitant, and it will.
    Next week when you go into your review, go in with an open mind. Listen to what your boss has to say. But, take everything with a grain of salt. *You* know what you have done and what you have accomplished. *You* know what kind of a job you have done. Do your best to not let what your boss says to you to get you down. Believe me, I know that's much easier to say than to actually do.
    You can get through this. You have a whole bunch of people here at saving advice who would be more than happy to cheer you on.


  6. Nina's Mom Says:

    My oldest daughter turned 27 today. She is in her second year of a 4- year ultrasound (sonogram) program. There are 2 year programs out there. This is a career change for her already as she had a degree in Criminal Justice and was a juvenile probation office for three years out of college the first time around!

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