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sunshine day

May 2nd, 2006 at 09:04 am

This morning I went to the dentist. I hadn't been in about a year and half since my insurance changed and I had to switch dentists. I had a very nice Russian hygenist who was more gentle with my gums than anyone, ever. I liked her a lot, and now I have sparkling teeth!

Groceries last night = $49 for my half
Target last night = $8 for my half

I browsed through some cookbooks over the weekend and found recipes for low-fat apple zucchini muffins and tofu sloppy joes. Planning to try those out this week, now that I have the ingredients.

May is an expensive gift month.
- Dad's birthday: $57
- Mother's Day: $41
- Friend's birthday: $10 gift, dinner??
- Aunt's birthday: $25 donation to charity (I wasn't planning to spend anything, but she's my favorite aunt, and it corresponded with one of my goals)
- Mom & Dad's anniversary: $31

I spent $30 last night on 4 new t-shirts, since I regularly manage to slop something on myself, no matter how hard I try not to.

The sun is shining today!! A high of 70 degrees is predicted...perfect.

3 Responses to “sunshine day”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    May ends up being that way for us too - birthdays, confirmations, Mother's Day. Lots of dollars going out...

    I think all of us Minnesotans are doing a happy sun dance. Enjoy the sun!!

  2. markio26 Says:

    may and june are my most expensive months... i need to plan for these unpredictable events... besides the regular birthday and anniversary... lately, alot of my pals, have troubles or illnesses and i eat up footing the eat out bill..... what to do????

  3. markio26 Says:

    we need spell check.. i have been messing up alot lately.

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