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frugal? me?

May 1st, 2006 at 02:38 pm

Frugal things I did last weekend:
~ Didn't buy a birthday card to go with a gift (don't most people toss them anyway?): saved about $3
~ Brought beer from home to the birthday party instead of stopping at the liquor store: saved about $12
~ Bought a birthday gift that had a coupon attached to it: saved $2
~ Read a library book instead of buying one: saved about $7
~ Made caramel rolls instead of going to Perkins for Sunday breakfast: saved about $10
~ Made calzones for Sunday dinner instead of ordering pizza: saved about $15
~ Fast-forwarded through recorded TV shows instead of watching the commercials: prevented many "I want that" moments

I shot an entire roll of film with my new camera (or so I thought) and was all set to rewind it and get it developed, when I discovered that the film had never loaded properly. Lots of potentially good shots, gone with the wind. Saved $4 on processing costs, I guess. Stick Out Tongue I was sorely disappointed, though. That will teach me to be a wee bit more observant.

The last several days have been rainy, dreary, and depressing. I wish I loved rain. I enjoy it now and then but endless days of it really get to me. Last year we had something like 23 days of rain in May - I hope this year is not a recap.

I just read a blog elsewhere in which a woman complained bitterly about not getting the amount she thought she was getting from her parents for her wedding. Now, I'm not one for weddings, but saying that the average wedding costs $25,000 and planning to spend that much just seems crazy to me (unless you are sitting on $25,000, are independently wealthy, and a wedding means the world to you). Just because other people spend that much doesn't mean you have to.

If SO and I ever get married (don't hold your breath), the wedding will be small. Really small. As in, I'd like to elope, but I think we'd disappoint a lot of people if we did. I certainly don't expect a penny from my parents or his - I'd rather have them be happy in retirement, should they ever retire!

3 Responses to “frugal? me?”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    I gave up cards totally a few years ago. I now write a letter. By hand. And often times make the envelope something unique........more fun, and I don't think too many of them get tossed!

    Can't imagine how many dollars that has saved me!

    I second your opinions on the wedding expenses. I was just discussing wedding costs with family members this week end and none of us could imagine spending what the so called average wedding costs are......

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:


    On my daughters 1st trip to Disneyland (22 years ago- who says time dosent fly) we spent the better part of the day taking pics of her and all the characters...only to discover late afternoon that the film wasnt progressing...ooops....so we had to do a FAST rerun of the day and get them all taken again...we have lots of cute pics of her and minnie mouse and goofy, etc...but in the background and what you dont see is a very frazzeled set of parents from running around the park...lol

    I also agree about the wedding gift expectation...I have tried very hard to raise my children to be grateful for what they get...and I think they are more gracious because of it. I am a lucky mom indeed.

  3. markio26 Says:

    a simple well planned wedding does not cost that much, if family and friends pitch in.... i would rather use money for real estate.... i have noticed that the huge weddings always end up in divorce a year or two later... we should wait and give them gifts after 2 years of wedlock.. lol.

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