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my (furry) babies

April 12th, 2006 at 09:14 am

No real financial news today...just wanted to share some photos of my babies.

This one thinks he's a puppy:

and this one is as sweet as can be (when she's not leaping at the drapes):

5 Responses to “my (furry) babies”

  1. carol Says:

    Oh my goodness they are utterly adorable! I think it may be time for me to register and put up some pictures of my kitties.

  2. DivaJen Says:

    Cute! You're right - our black cats do resemble each other. Smile I should post a picture of our torti- she's a sweetie.

  3. kashi Says:

    Yes, join us, Carol! Smile
    (and thanks! I adore my kitties)

  4. carol Says:

    Help! I am registerd but I can't seem to get my postings to show. What am I doing wrong? Please advise!

  5. kashi Says:

    Are you Pennypincher50? If so, I can see your blog, and one of your photos! You have to copy and paste the [img] tags into your post and hit update in order for them all to show up. Nate is an expert on this stuff....

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