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April's saving goal down the tubes

April 11th, 2006 at 09:58 am

Reasons why April's budget is just not working out:

1. My glasses disintigrated. I don't wear them all the time, just around bedtime and on weekends, but they need to be replaced. My current pair is 8-10 years old - no wonder they fell apart! I've been wearing them like opera glasses (one arm missing, one nosepad missing), so they're a bit crooked. I'm not sure how much the replacement pair will cost, but I'm guessing in the $200 range.

2. $83 eye appointment cost. Way more than the $20 copay I expected.

3. Camera purchase. This is offset by my church service gig, but I could have saved that money instead. $125 with shipping and film.

4. Aquarium needs. Fish need clean water to swim in and to get fed regularly when we're out of town. $88. Cheaper in the long run, because I bought a huge vat of water purifier. Plus, I won't have to ask SO every day if he fed the fish (priceless).

5. Allergy prescriptions, $21. It's spring. (YAY!)

6. Potential frivolity. I'd like to get my hair cut and colored (it's been six months since the last color). I'd like the masseuse to come over (she hasn't been since January, and my shoulder is killing me). A friend's birthday is this month, although I don't know if we are celebrating or not.

7. I've driven to work four times already! It's April 11!

Good things: Only $28 spent on groceries so far. Only $42 on eating out (most of which was used to take my sister out).

I'm still going to save $175 this month...but that's nowhere near $600!

1 Responses to “April's saving goal down the tubes”

  1. carol Says:

    Sometimes life just bites us in the butt like that. Congratulations on being able to save $175. Be proud of the good things you've accomplished this month and hang in there. There will be other months that will more than make up for this month.

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