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mild food poisoning & eye appt

April 4th, 2006 at 09:06 am

I can't quite figure it out.

Last night for dinner I made fettucini alfredo (dried pasta, brand new jar of sauce) with frozen asparagus (the kind in a microwave steamable bag). I put spray butter and italian seasoning on the asparagus. I made Koolaid with tap water and Splenda. Within an hour, I was very ill, and SO fought it all night until this morning. I can't figure out what did it. I just bought the asparagus not too long ago, and it went right from the freezer into the microwave, like it is supposed to. Could it be the tap water? We've made Koolaid with it before. Last time I drank tap water at work, I got super sick. Is the city pumping something bizarre into the water? My stomach is still wobbly today and SO is at home hugging the toilet. I have no idea what caused it.

I had an eye appointment this morning and insurance only covered half of it. I was very disappointed by that. I don't know if it was their state-of-the-art machinery or what. What I thought would be a $20 copay turned out to be $83. Perhaps that is the trade-off for my insurance paying a big chunk for my new glasses.

I have a very weird right eye. Every doctor I've seen has said something similar to what the new doc today said - "In all my 29 years of practice I've never seen an eye like yours." I have what looks like a tear in the macula, which should render me half-blind, but I can see just fine (with correction, of course). I also have a weird, permanent infection that's been there since I was 13, and no one can identify it. (No - I really don't look like a red-eyed, bug-eyed freak! I promise!) The infection thing only flares up when I'm super tired or stressed out.

The doc wants me to have a surgery for dry eyes that involves inserting a

Text is lacrimal plug and Link is http://www.knowyoureyes.com/eye-care-glossary/l.php
lacrimal plug. I'm not so sure about this. More research is definitely needed on my part.

I had to take vacation time for my medical appointment. Bummer. I was allowed to use sick time at my last job.

Another interesting thing today - the doc studied in Portland, Oregon. I mentioned that I've been thinking about moving there and he became a vertiable Oregon tourism board commercial. He really loved it.

Just wanted to add - the doc said I definitely should NOT get Lasik and he was shocked that no one had taken everything into account, like my large pupils, dry eyes, macular tear thingy...I'm SO glad I did not go through with it. He said having large pupils alone would most likely have resulted in my having halos and glares for the rest of my days.

2 Responses to “mild food poisoning & eye appt”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Sorry to hear about your tummy bug. Hopefully you are feeling better bythis afternoon. I don't envy you the decision on the eyes...it doesn't sound fun. Frown

    Oregon is beautiful, and I am sure the weather is a little milder than Minnesota! I know I sure love it here...(but I am in Southern Oregon not near Portland..)

  2. retire@50 Says:

    Maybe it was caused by what you ate for lunch. A lot of times it takes 6 - 9 hours for food poisoning to show up. Hope you feell better soon Smile

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