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sister sister

March 23rd, 2006 at 08:17 am

I can't believe there are 8 more days in March. On one hand, the year is going by at lightening speed, but on the other hand, I need more money! I haven't budgeted well at all this month.

My sister is coming to visit for the weekend. I have nothing planned and I'm not sure I want to plan anything. I'm already overbudget and she doesn't need constant diversions. Maybe I will leaf through the Entertainment Book and see if there is anything worthwhile. Otherwise, we will just chill. She likes to cook, so she can have free reign in the kitchen as far as I am concerned!

I may have a paid playing gig coming up in a few weeks. I don't know how much it is going to pay, but it's a church service, and I haven't done one of those in years. I am trying to be a little more assertive about getting paid for my talents and not just handing them out for free. The book I'm reading is definitely helping. You can't get ahead if you do everything for free.

I put a post-it note up on my computer that says "Pursue Prosperity!" There is nothing wrong with making more money!

3 Responses to “sister sister”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    I know what you mean. My husband has built about 65 houses and we have stayed friends with all the people we have built for. They are always asking him to do little things around the house and he hardly ever charges them. W don't have much money, but we have a lot of friends!

  2. flash Says:

    Enjoy your visit! Goodness knows I'm already missing my sister, even though it was a challenging visit.

    About the guilt for charging...just put yourself in their shoes...if you were hiring someone, you would pay, and not constantly expect favors...unless someone always offered to DO favors, then it puts both parties in confusion (do they WANT to do it for free, WHY do they want to do so many things, can I FORCE them to take pay...). No one likes being confused or feeling manipulated, or any of those things that come with not being clear and forthright. Keep it simple. Get paid.

  3. DivaJen Says:

    I agree with flash - your talents are worth something, and it's a business transaction. Charge what you're worth, just as you're willing to pay others for what they are worth. Smile When I first raised my rates for private tutoring, I had to get used to saying I charge $XX.xx an hour, as it felt expensive. But I am worth it - there aren't a lot of people with my credentials, education and experience offering their tutoring services here. Now, it really is easy for me to answer the "how much do you charge?" question without skipping a beat. Smile

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