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done with Feb birthdays

February 21st, 2006 at 01:20 pm

Our party was nice. Not too many people could make it, but the mojitos and snacks were worth it. I wasn't feeling that way the day after, but the body is amazingly good at healing itself. I might lay off the mojitos for a while though.

A little too much drama for me this weekend. I am a definite drama-avoider until it involves me directly. I'm just prepping myself for the next time it comes around. Sometimes I'd like to move away from everyone and live in a quiet cabin in the mountains (ocean view required). I didn't grow up with extended family around, so I am new to this constant-family environment and the drama that comes with it. Ish.

Spent more on groceries than I intended, but we won't have to go again this month. We spent what I thought we would on the party, but a little more on beverages. Oh well, liquor keeps, and at the rate we normally drink it, it should keep for a long time.

I'm about $20 over on my groceries/eating out/Target challenge. I also drove to work this morning because I had to carry a homemade cake in. That brings my driving total up to 5. No more driving for me this month! All I have left to pay for is rent, a prescription, and my credit card bill (in full).

1 Responses to “done with Feb birthdays”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I can totally relate to trying to avoid drama. I'm that way too. Glad to hear that your party went well.


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