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outrageous electric bill

January 11th, 2006 at 08:09 am

You know you need a vacation when you wake up wishing you had some sort of ailment that would keep you at home. Maybe I'm not in the right field...maybe I'm not at the right workplace. I don't know what to do about it. My skills are not being used and I am not getting much of anything out of my work. I am the equivalent of a human grammar and spell check. It wouldn't bother me as much if the work was varied, but we are talking about the same correspondence, with the same mistakes, every single day.

Massage tonight - I'm sure she will work her magic and I will feel better. It's like stuffing a piece of chewing gum into a small hole in a giant leaking dam, but little things count, right?

I bought concert tickets for an event in a few weeks. It is an early birthday gift to myself - a bassoon concert. SO is going with me. Smile I'm looking forward to it. We split the cost, so $27.50.

I desperately need a haircut, need to get my car fixed, and need to pay for renter's insurance this month. The electric bill was WAY more than I had planned on - what is sucking up all the energy?! and how do you get your significant other to shut things OFF? I feel like I am always shutting off lights that are needlessly on. Perhaps I should try to get him to use candles more often, since we have a ton of them! I can't figure out what else it is...maybe too many loads of laundry? I have energy saver light bulbs in place where I can. I have a programmable thermostat, so I lowered the temps even more. My mom flipped out when I told her I keep it at 62 and 67, because she thought that was way too cold! Now it's lower. I hope it helps.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I wish I knew how to get people to turn things off. I have that same problem with my dad. He can't just have ONE light on, he has to have every available light on for that area. He can't just have ONE tv on, he has to have both tvs on - both blaring, etc., etc. When he runs the dryer he'll put it on for as long as it will go, when for almsot everything, the next to shortest cycle is more than enough.

    Maybe sit down with SO and say to him something like.. Have you noticed how high the electric bill is? I wonder what I could do to make it go down? In other words, try to make him think up energy saving ideas - so he thinks its HIS idea - and will possibly be more likely to follow through. Wink

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