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obsolete iPod mini

December 9th, 2005 at 07:50 am

So, my beautiful, blue, 6-month-old iPod mini is already obsolete. They are no longer making them anymore - in fact, they are practically a taboo topic with employees in the Apple store. I have found deals on overstock.com for accessories and am tempted to buy, simply because I know they will be impossible to find in a matter of months. I am already overbudget this month, though, if the car repair will be $500. I am waiting for my credit card cycle to end so I can put the charge on the next one, just in case it is a lot more than $500. So the car probably won't get fixed for a little while longer. Until then, I am affectionately referring to it as the Deathmobile. Wink I'm riding the bus most days or getting rides.

This time of year is so hard! Everything is on sale and it is hard not to buy buy buy. *sigh* Especially for the people I love. I bought much-needed althletic socks for SO last night, total impulse buy, but they are good socks and his all have holes in the heels. Not a good thing when you live in the tundra.

My sister is coming again tonight. Tomorrow is going to be very busy and very tiring. Sunday I will have to bring her back to school. I am taking Monday off of work to recuperate. I'm also throwing a small holiday party on Wednesday night, so Monday will be my day to prep.

This month's electric bill was $112. Last month it was only $76 (we had a very warm fall though). I lowered the programmable thermostat settings a bit, and haven't noticed much of a difference, but I haven't been home much lately, either.

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