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cutemol hand cream?

December 5th, 2005 at 02:13 pm

I spent a lot of money yesterday and today. Yesterday was on general household things, cat food, and groceries, all split with SO. Today was holiday gifts online. I only have two more gifts to buy and one package to mail. I don't think I have ever been almost done with my shopping this early. I don't think I will be sending the gift basket to my family. Maybe I'll make some fudge and a nice card and send that instead. I have an amazing recipe for Snicker's Fudge - it's time consuming but totally worth it.

I bought a few things for myself too (bad bad bad). A down alternative comforter that I think will look and feel awesome in our bedroom came back into stock on overstock.com, and I just missed it last time, so I bought it. I'll split the $50 charge with SO. I bought six soy candles for $6 from

Text is Crooked Mile Candle Co and Link is www.crookedmilecandleco.com
Crooked Mile Candle Co and a tube of Cutemol hand cream for $8 (it's supposed to keep fingers from splitting, we'll see). Anyone ever heard of it? It was in this month's issue of Allure magazine.

It took an entire bottle of lock de-icer to free my driver's side door. I haven't tested it since Saturday, so who knows, it might be frozen shut again. I need to take it in.

I am weary of work. I need a vacation. I'd like to take the $500 I have budgeted for the car repair and go south to warmer waters!

1 Responses to “cutemol hand cream?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How do you like soy candles? I've actually got that site bookmarked as someone to potentially buy wholesale from for when I reopen my store.

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