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November 20th, 2005 at 01:50 pm

November 19
No Spend Day!
I did three loads of laundry, fixed a lot of little things around the house, cleaned the fish tank, and installed seven handles on the drawers of our kitchen island. SO was gone for most of the day, so it was just me and the kitties. I caught up on a few favorite tv shows in the evening and started reading a library book, "Unmarried to Each Other." Interesting read. Makes me feel a little less like a pariah for never having had the desire to get married. Kind of nice.

November 20
$85.09 Target (put on joint card, which we'll pay off when it's due, split down the middle)
$33.07 credit card payment (in full)

$50 of that was groceries. We have only spent a total of $93 on groceries this month! Today I made beer cheese hamburger buns, potato empanada filling, butterscotch pudding, and guacamole. I did a couple more loads of laundry, ironed a bunch of work clothes, and prepped the guest room for my sister's arrival later this week. SO is making crock pot applesauce with what's left of our apples.

It's nice to feel productive! I feel so tired and so uninspired during the week. If I didn't have to work, the house would be so much cleaner, I'd learn how to cook a lot more things...and I'd probably shop more, too. Wink

Tonight I'm planning to make chile relleno casserole to go with the guacamole. I'm looking forward to reading more of that book, too!

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  1. smb Says:

    Sounds like you had a nice weekend!

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