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automatic savings

September 28th, 2005 at 07:22 am

I completely forgot that I had automatically programmed my savings account to pull money out last Friday. Whoops! Good thing I had a little cushion! I'm happy about it, though...that means I have more money in savings than I would have had. I'm a little paranoid about not having enough money to get through October (that's why I wasn't going to put money in savings), but I think it's unfounded. I have vacation reiumbursement coming with my last paycheck, and though it's not a lot, it will help. Especially since I am going clothes shopping with a friend tomorrow night. I desperately need new work clothes before next week.

So many people aren't feeling well around here! What a bummer! Funny, considering we have no actual contact with each other. Maybe our journals are contagious? Stick Out Tongue

1 Responses to “automatic savings”

  1. jorge Says:

    I can totally understand about wanting new clothes and I have no idea the state of disrepair your wardrobe may be in, but I would encourage restraint. Those people in the new office don't have a clue that your clothes may be 5 or more years old and as long as you don't have any buttons missing or threads hanging, they probably won't know unless you tell them, so don't tell them.
    Having spent many years trying to make sure I looked presentable even though I couldn't afford it, maybe just try to add one of your cool bracelets to an ensamble, or change the buttons on an oldie but goodie jacket. Wear scarves. Work with your jewelry to create the new outfits you desire instead of spending $$ on things that cannot replace financial independence. I'm preaching. Sorry. You just sound like such a talented person - I don't think those folks in the Cities will even take a second look at your messenger bag other than to think it's cool.
    Best of luck!

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