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happy autumnal equinox

September 22nd, 2005 at 09:47 am

Everything with my job application went through (they checked everything...work history, education credentials, even fingerprints). I had no worries about it, but it's a relief nonetheless.

I bought a new messenger bag on ebags today, so now I'll have a sporty one and a more professional-looking one. It looks like it has a nice shoulder strap on it - that will be nice for the walk to and from the bus. I bought

Text is this one and Link is http://www.ebags.com/bisadora/nylon_messenger_bag/product_detail/index.cfm?modelid=63776
this one, in silver.

I'm getting my hair cut tonight, yay! I like revamping my look.

We had an enormous thunderstorm last night, complete with tornado warnings. I had my sweet little kitty in his cat carrier and we were ready to run to the basement if it looked like a funnel cloud was upon us. Luckily, we only got hit with a ton of rain and wind. The northern suburbs did not fair so well...I saw a number of wrecked houses on the news this morning. It appeared as though those fancy houses in new developments weren't built so well, because most of them had collapsed garages. I definitely want a sturdy, well-built house someday, not one that's thrown together!

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