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stricter budget?

September 13th, 2005 at 11:10 am

I need to get really strict with myself about my budget. I never follow what I set. I manage to justify every expenditure no matter if it is in the budget or not. What I do now is a good way to keep track of what bills I have yet to pay, and how overbudget I can go, yet still pay my credit card but...that's not healthy.

I am craving chocolate and would probably go to the store if I had any cash my wallet. I have spent it all on interview parking this week, though. I suppose that is a good thing. I would ordinarily have some chocolate in my desk drawer, but last week a coworker told me that my boss went through my (locked) desk drawers while I was out. She was supposedly looking for "something" but did not tell me about it. I noticed that things were misplaced. Apparently after rifling through my things, my boss then went to my coworker and told her that I am such a packrat, and that I have a ton of candy in my drawers (I had half a bag of mint patties). That made me SO angry that I emptied out all of my desk drawers, took nearly all of the personal items off of my desk, and brought it all home. I would bet money that my boss went back into my desk drawers after I left for the day, looking for my candy. I feel so violated. I know it is every employer's right to go through employee desks...but she could have at least told me about it. Or had the decency not to go blabbing about my desk to everyone else. On the bright side, my desk is very clean and clutter-free now.

Sent off two thank you cards to interviewers today. I really hope something pans out.

Things I have left to pay for this month:
- massage tomorrow
- cell phone bill
- eye appt copay
- gasoline
- maybe a few groceries
- car insurance
- rent
- credit card bill

I am definitely not going to make my September goals. Due to my bloated credit card bill, I could only pay $50 to my college loan, $25 to emergency fund, and $25 to family fund. The only item I succeeded in completing was the $75 to the Christmas gift fund. This is what happens when I spend too much time shopping for beads and books!

4 Responses to “stricter budget?”

  1. jorge Says:

    I sympathize with you on the budget stuff. Just keep at it.
    It's interesting to learn about other people's work environments. In our place of business, yes, the tools are the employers, but if my supervisor wanted to go through my locked desk drawers, or even unlocked desk drawers, they'd have to have an HR representative present. Since you're trying to get out anyway, maybe it's best not to confront your boss to let them know they can't just rifle through employee's desks any 'ol time they please, but perhaps it's something to mention on the exit interview after you get one of those new positions you've been applying for! Yeah!

  2. kashi Says:

    Thanks Jorge. I'm not going to mention it to her. You see, she IS the top, and the person she told was the HR person. There are so many things I would want to mention during the exit interview, it would fill pages and pages. I want to keep her as a good reference, though. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place! But my desk is clean. Stick Out Tongue

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It is a pain when bosses act that way. I think it is a violation of your privacy. I know how hard it is to keep struggling with the bills and the budget. In my case it seems something always comes up to ruin my budget. Keep up the struggle with the budget and in the end you will reach your goal. Good luck with your interviews!

  4. Russell Says:

    Kashi, I have to go back and read your older posts but regarding the budget issue, have you tried dividing up your paycheck and allocating a certain percentage for all your recurring expenses ? Say 80% for your monthly bills and then 20% for other stuff e.g. 10% goes into your savings account and the other 10% you can spend on chocolate/ice-cream/handbag/shoes etc every once in a while Smile
    Categorized budgetting is a torture in my experience and hardly works. I find it easier to just auto-pay everthing out of the 80% of my monthly income and then leave the 20% for myself (savings/investing + splurging).

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