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another interview

September 12th, 2005 at 11:08 am

Things are looking up. I had another interview today at a different business. It was hardcore - three proofreading/writing tests, then an interview with a HR rep, then an interview with the person who would be my boss. Each interviewer had THREE pages of questions to ask me. I felt I did pretty well, though. I felt I had a much better "rapport" with this supervisor than I did with the last one, too! They should let me know next week. I sent out an email thank you to both interviewers, and will write up paper thank you notes when I get home tonight. I really hope this one comes through! It would be a slight pay cut, but not nearly as much as the other job.

I am way overbudget already this month. Self-medicating with "stuff"? Could be. I have lots of beading supplies now, so I think have a great start on Christmas gifts. I just have to sit down and start figuring out how to make things. I made two bracelets this weekend, one that's on my wrist right now and another matching one that I'm sending to my sister. It's always fun to get mail when you're living in a dorm.

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