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interview done...

September 8th, 2005 at 09:29 am

...and beer in hand. I took the afternoon off. Maybe I will stop by the library later.

It went ok. I can never tell with interviewers. This interviewer was rather different too...she talked to the desk the whole time and avoided eye contact. And she talked nonstop. At the end she said that those candidates with whom she felt a rapport with will be invited back for second interviews. I have no idea if I am even near the playing field much less on it. I have a tendency to clam up a little around people I don't know, and not share all the casual details of my life with them like some people can do so easily. I need to get better at that, because it is costing me jobs.

Anyhow, we'll see. I'll know within a week. I'm going to write a thank you letter to her right now. I'd take the job in flash, because I would really learn a lot!

Keep your fingers crossed...and thanks for the wise words. You're right, I should go for it if it is offered to me. I hope I get a second interview. I will be surprised if I do!

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