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August 26th, 2005 at 08:15 am

August 25 Spending
$15.25 lunch with coworker

Is anyone else shocked that it is the end of August already? Summer always flies by sooo quickly!! I wish it was the other way around -- short winter, long summer.

Looks like an inexpensive end-of-the-month ahead...gasoline should be the only real cost. There are no good restaurants where my parents live, so we'll probably be eating in the whole time (mom's cooking! yeah!).

SO and I have been watching a Mexican soap opera on Univision for the last few months, so I can brush up on my Spanish. He never studied Spanish but is learning. I translate what is happening for him with the help of closed captioning (it's easier for me translate quickly when I'm reading rather than just listening). Mexican telenovelas only last about six months, though, unlike our never-ending storylines in the USA. The one we've been watching is wrapping up, and it is so exciting! It's like watching an extended movie and now it is getting to the really good parts. We're going to miss it for the next few days, but TIVO has us covered. Watching it really is helping me regain my Spanish skills, though...I find myself thinking and dreaming in Spanish more frequently. I'll have to find a replacement after this one ends on September 5.

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