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trying to lie low

August 16th, 2005 at 11:03 am

August 15 Spending
$54 car insurance (automatic)
$3 ice cream
$15 copay
TOTAL: $72

Tonight I'm going to the library via bike. I resisted going out to lunch with a coworker and ate what I brought to work instead.

I just canceled an order I placed for a hemp messenger bag back in July. They had it backordered until mid-August. Ok, it's mid-August, and they haven't returned my email from last week asking what the status was. I wrote to them today and canceled the order. $91 saved. I really want a messenger bag, though. It would be nice to consolidate my lunch, purse, and exercise clothes into one bag rather than several plastic bags. Maybe I will go out into the frightening world of pre-school sales and see what they are offering.

This might turn out to be a no-spend day!

2 Responses to “trying to lie low”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Jennifer Ramos of www.textilefetish.com makes some neat bags - you might want to take a look. Smile She's pretty cool, too!

  2. esmeralda Says:

    I'm not sure if they carry hemp bags, but ebags.com has an incredibly huge selestion and they have pretty good sales. They also ask people to rate the products they purchased, so you get feedback on an item before purchasing. Also, once you've selected a catagory, you can sort by price, popularity, etc.

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