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appt made

August 3rd, 2005 at 07:36 am

Thanks for the bit of encouragement! I made a free consultation appointment with the Lasik people for next week. I know it will be expensive. I've worn glasses for 19 years and contacts for 12 years, and I think I'm ready for a change. The procedure seems a little scary to me, but maybe that will be cleared up during the consultation. I also have this other funny thought in my head...my eyesight is really pretty bad, so without correction, everything is blurry unless it is about three inches away from my nose. There is something oddly comforting about having the world be a blur when I go to sleep (maybe because my sight has been so bad for so long?). But, there are lots of good reasons to get the procedure done. I can't imagine being able to swim and see. I've never had that luxury, unless I've had my contacts in, and then they get all crunchy and stuck to the eyeballs.

August 2 Spending:
$5.45 grocery store for lunch
$3.57 soy mocha coffee

We went to Super Target after work for a few groceries and home things, but SO paid (I've decided to stop calling him BF because he is obviously much more than that). For dinner we grilled delicious corn, peppers, onions, and zucchini. I battered and fried an eggplant as well. Delicious. Tonight we'll be grilling again, because there's still a ton of veggies, and I don't want them to go bad!

3 Responses to “appt made”

  1. esmeralda Says:

    I was very nervous the week before the procedure. I found myself snapping at my co-workers. The place I went to gave me some very good anti-anxiety drugs. That is where is discovered Xanax - and now I usually take it when I go to the dentist. Not that I am a proponent of recreational drug use, but for a couple of hours, I had nooooo problems in the world. DH didnt get anything, but it might be worth asking.

    I understand what you mean about the comfort of the blur. When DH had his eyes done, I realized that he could now see what I looked like first thing in the morning. Previously, he had the blur. We're still married, so the shock wasnt too much.

    But the clarity that you gain is amazing. The staff may seem a little dismissive of your fears, but I think that's because just about every patient that comes in has them. I hope you have a great consultation.

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    If you decide to go ahead with the Lasik and you're covered by an FSA at work, why not wait until January to get the procedure done? At least that way it will be tax free Smile

  3. kashi Says:

    Thanks! I hope the consult goes well too.

    I don't have a FSA. I know I haven't mentioned it NEARLY enough on this board, but I have a seriously crappy job. Wink

    and...I snap at my coworkers as it is...so I bet I would be just a barrel of fun right before the procedure (hehe). I am actually dreading having to tell people at work about my desire to have this done, because I know I am going to get nothing but harassment about it. My lunch choices are analyzed by everyone around me, so I can just imagine how surgery will go over. I am actually surprised that my boss didn't ask me if I am pregnant when I told her I have a doctor's appt next week (but, that's probably because she asked me that last time when I told her I had a doctor's appt). /rant

    Thanks for your support and encouragement!

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