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Aug 1 spending

August 2nd, 2005 at 07:42 am

$15.86 gasoline
$12.18 three used paperback mystery novels (one was signed by the author! how crazy is that?)
$18.34 dinner with a friend (good company but bad food, won't be going back to that restaurant)
$14.99 cute skirt

Total: $61.37

I'm not taking the cake decorating courses this month. I'm sure I won't have any problem finding things to spend the money on, though.

Last night I really had the desire to give up on trying to save money and trying to get thin. I'm obviously not very good at either, so what is the point of pretending? I'm still here showing everyone how much I'm spending, though, so I guess I haven't given up yet.

I'm thinking about going in for a Lasik vision correction consultation. I got a card in the mail saying that it's $0 down and 0% interest until 2007, but only for the rest of the month. It's tempting. I'm really getting sick of wearing contacts and glasses.

2 Responses to “Aug 1 spending”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I had RK done in 1994 and I absolutely love it. It is so great not having to wear glasses and being able to see. I've had no problems since although my eyes have deteriorated slightly in the 10 years since it was done. That's to be expected. I would definitely do it again. I saved up for it for 3 years and wish I had done it earlier. If I'd known how great it was I would have saved for it more aggressively.

  2. esmeralda Says:

    I had the Lasik done in 2003. I got into a study, so got a reduced rate, though it was still $1500 or something like that. It is the best money I've ever, ever spent. No more fumbling around for glasses in the middle of the night. No more problems with dry, itchy contact lenses and I love, love being able to buy sunglasses right off the rack.

    The price may be steep, but it is worth it. I got glasses when I was 6. I never dreamed such a surgical operation was possible. It was so fantistically liberating for me.

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