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chipping away at debt

June 7th, 2005 at 08:37 am

Monday's Spending:

$147.78 to pay off stupid credit card that I need to put into a bowl of water in the freezer in order to stop using it.

$100 to 0% credit card. Hope to put another $100 toward it when the bill is due later this month. Should be fully paid off in July.

$135 payment to utterly pointless college loan that will haunt me until I am 32.

and that's it! no shopping. I found out that my apartment will be viewed by two prospective renters tonight, so I busted my butt to put things into boxes and out of sight. Also did a ton of measuring at the new place. We are devising a plan to redecorate to our liking and create more counter space in the kitchen and stay within a modest budget. Tough.

I got my makeup primer in the mail yesterday! So exciting. My t-zone is still nicely matted, 3 hours after applying it. It came with a few free samples, including lip plumper. OH MY GOD. It said "expect a somewhat intense tingle." I thought my lips were going to fall off!!! Were they plumper after I endured that pain? I have no idea. They felt swollen, in any case! Not something I would do on a regular basis.

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