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browsing the stores

May 29th, 2005 at 08:19 am

Yesterday we took a trip to Ikea to peruse their merchandise, and to get some decorating ideas for our new apartment. What a great time! I could do without the weekend crowds, but that store has so many neat gadgets and things, and most things are so inexpensive. A lot of it is too cheaply made as well, but there are some treasures. I finally found the frames I was looking for, 6/$4.24. Later I bought some white paint for them, $4.58. That will be a project for tomorrow, if the humidity drops! We didn't buy anything else at Ikea...we decided to wait until we are in the new place and can do some measuring, and will go back on a weekday when we are less likely to be trampled by the crowd. We need to make a budget for this project so we don't go crazy buying stuff!

We stopped by Target and bought too much. Even with a gift card, I spent $25.18 of my own money. I got a great bowl though, one that will work well for bread rising. Indian food for dinner (BF's treat), and he bought some red wine for dinner tonight. I've been up for a while already today and baked the cake for tonight's dessert (still have to frost it), and am working on making bread as well. I have a lot of cleaning to do before BF's parents come over (or rather, WE have a lot of cleaning to do, but he has to get out of bed first!).

Hopefully it will be a no spend day.

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