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more groceries?!?!

May 26th, 2005 at 03:48 pm

I went the grocery store. AGAIN. Seriously, what is my problem this month?! That brings the grand monthly total up to $264.71. It's ridiculous! I went because my BF's parents will most likely be coming over for dinner this weekend, and I wanted to prepare dinner at home rather than going out and spending their money. I say that because I know we would have to fight to get the check, and because they are paying for so much stuff for their other kids.

So, the menu will be cheese and spinach lasagna, green beans deliciously prepared somehow (a friend gave me a weight watchers recipe, maybe I'll try that), french bread, salad. For dessert, mexican chocolate cake with mocha buttercream frosting. I got low fat cheeses and all that to compensate for the decadent dessert.

I also bought a number of low-fat snacks. I know they are not the cheapest nor are they necessary, but I want to successfully lose weight, and they will help. The problem here lies in that I am not really a vegetarian. I am a carbo-lacto-tarian. I could live on bread, cheese, and chocolate happily for the rest of my life! Unfortunately that is not conducive to a healthy body...bummer!

Otherwise, I'm doing great financially. I haven't eaten out all week. I brought my car in to the shop tonight because it's had this hideous underbody rattle for a couple of days. I was cringing, thinking they would want to replace my entire muffler or something. Turns out it was the heat shield, which the guy said is basically unnecessary anyway considering my driving habits. They took it off for free and sent me on my way. I hope that was a good idea. It was free and it doesn't rattle anymore, so that's nice.

I'm still really excited about our new place! Gazing at a pile of books I have sitting by my computer, I'm reminded of all the packing I have to do...and how I should really start listing this stuff on half.com!

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