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what a great weekend!

May 23rd, 2005 at 07:23 am

Friday: looked at two apartments (no to both), ate delicious Vietnamese food for dinner (BF's treat), read good books & surfed the internet for the rest of the evening. Spending log: $0.

Saturday: looked at two apartments (both ok, not great). grabbed hot drinks to ward off the cold rain (my treat). read books and napped. ate Vietnamese leftovers for dinner and went out dancing (BF's treat). it was so much fun! we've never gone out clubbing together, just the two of us, and we had a great time. and, three of my eBay listings sold! Spending log: $8 for coffee.

Sunday: looked at one place (interrogated by homeowner, so that was a no-go). packed a picnic, went the park, and lounged in the brief sunshine with our books. I made cheese enchiladas and spanish rice for dinner - yum! we attempted to make churros, and then watched the Motorcycle Diaries. I loved it. I wish they had shown more of Chile, but it was great nonetheless. Brought back great memories. I expected to dream in Spanish, but I slept so hard last night, I don't remember dreaming at all (a seldom occurance). Spending log: $0

I wish I only worked every other week but got paid the same amount! After such productive/fun weekends, returning to my workplace is such a bummer...it's back to staring at the computer screen for eight hours a day, and sitting in the car for at least an hour commuting. I want more free time!

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