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payday, check already spent

May 20th, 2005 at 02:06 pm

This was a really spend-crazy month. I've got the spending record in front of me, yet I'm not sure what happened. May is only half over and my last paycheck of the month came today, and it's mostly spent today as well. It would be SO nice to find a new place that I can live with and split the rent, so it drops drastically...right now rent payments take away 34% of my monthly net income.

The big kicker this month has been groceries, though. I've spent $175 already! The massages and my credit card bill from last month have also substantially strained my budget.

We had a great, frugal girl's night last night. I made pizza dough and provided a couple of toppings. One friend brought the rest of the toppings, breadsticks, and dessert, and the other two brought beer. We always have a great time sitting around talking and watching tv together! I really want a real dining room, so there is space for us all to sit down!

Yesterday's lunch was not so frugal, about $9 at the grocery store. I got this fabulous Amy's Kitchen frozen vegetarian Indian meal, though, and I'd love to buy them again (with coupons).

I bought groceries again today, $19 worth. I'm going to make a raspberry gelatin poke cake this weekend, as fat-free as possible. I also want to try making my first artisian style loaf of bread...I'm looking forward to it!

Headache is still here, but the hatchet is gone. I'd like to be less dependent on Excedrin!!

2 Responses to “payday, check already spent”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kashi, I also just *love* Amy's products. My personal favorite is the Brown Rice and Vegetables. I've never seen any coupons for them, *but* I have seen them on some incrediable sales. I don't remember when it was, but maybe six weeks ago? Kroger's had them on sale for $2.99! I restrained myself and only bought 4, although I was wanting to buy out their stock at that price! Normally at Kroger's they are $4.29, and at Albertson's they are usually $3.89. If you ever come upon a coupon for them *please* let me know! Smile

  2. kashi Says:

    I will definitely let you know if I ever see coupons! I love their Spinach Feta Pockets, too. Unfortunately no Kroger's or Albertson's around here, but I should watch my supermarket chains more closely to see if/when they go on sale. If they do, it's very rare. Bummer, their stuff is delicious!

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