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so sick of rain

May 19th, 2005 at 07:40 am

It has rained 17 of the last 24 days. And you thought I was kidding about monsoon season...

Spending Log
Monday: $5 Greek dinner
Tuesday: $15 oil change & tire rotation, $7 Taco Bell for 2, Walmart trip but I didn't pay.
Wednesday: $26 prescription, $7 birthday box mailing, $8 car headlight bulb, fast food breakfast but I didn't pay.
Today: I have to mail a package from a half.com sale, probably about $2.

Yesterday I stayed home form work with a migraine. I didn't actually stay in the house all day because my landlord was having it appraised and I didn't want to be around. So, I took a bunch of painkillers and BF and I went clothes shopping for him. It was an enjoyable time. I would not have gone if it had been sunny (the light would have killed me), but that was not a problem since the sun will seemingly never come back to MN. We returned home, I took more painkillers, and we went to look at four duplexes. Only one was promising, but I'd like to look at it again after the people move out, because they had so much stuff, we couldn't even open up some doors. We came home, ate frozen pizza, and I went to sleep. My head feels full today but doesn't hurt as much. I have identified a cycle in my headaches...one day bad headache, next day worse headache, next day it feels like I have a hatchet lodged in my forehead. Drugs don't really help prevent the cycle, though I haven't tried real migraine meds. I'm not sure what the trigger is, but at least I know there is a pattern now.

Tonight the girls are coming over and we're making homemade pizzas. I had better find a crust recipe!

2 Responses to “so sick of rain”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    kashi - I'm sorry you're a migraineur as well. Aren't they awful? If you haven't yet tried Imitrex, Maxalt or the like, you might want to talk to your doctor about them. They don't work for me 100% of the time, but when they do it's amazing.

    Aide from my headaches coinciding with my period, two big triggers for me are being dehydrated and not getting enough sleep.

    If you want to read a
    Text is journal and Link is www.divatribe.com/journals/journals.php?id=6
    journal I have kept about migraines, you're welcome to.

  2. kashi Says:

    Thanks for the link to your journal. It's really neat that you're keeping that! I haven't tried Imitrex or any of the others...in part because I don't want to fully admit that they are migraines. Silly, I know. I never get auras or any of that, just piercing pain. My period shouldn't be an issue (only have it 4 times a year), I drink a ton of water (126+ ounces today so far), and I am buena para dormir (good for sleeping) according to my Chilean house mother. No idea what the trigger is, but I'll bet stress is a big one.

    Have you read the book "All In My Head" by Paula Kamen? It just came out. It's about a woman who had a migraine headache for fifteen years straight. I'm reading it now, and it's absolutely fascinating! Sorry to hear your headache clinic is shutting down, too. I've been toying with the idea of going to one (especially every time I get a terrible headache). Hope you can find a good replacement!

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