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closet of doom conquered

May 14th, 2005 at 04:25 pm

I cleaned out my closet today. It was mostly full of old empty boxes, leftovers from my move here. I broke most of them down and put them in recycling...ahh, empty closet freedom! Sitting beside me is a large box ready to go to Goodwill. I think I'll bring it over there tomorrow.

We looked at an apartment today, too. The place was very well maintained, though a little dull. The unbelievable part about it was the landlord. He was grilling us about whether or not we had jobs, what those jobs were, where exactly we live now and for how long, etc etc. I overslept this morning and had just thrown on a pair of jeans, a college sweatshirt, and hadn't curled my hair. He questioned me about the sweatshirt, asked if I was still in college, and was surprised when I said I had graduated several years ago. We mentioned that we were looking for a quiet neighborhood, and his response was, "If you like to party and do drugs and turn your music up loud, this is not the place for you." I looked him in the eye and said, "I don't think that will be a problem." Two seconds later, as if he hadn't heard me, he said, "If you like to turn your music up real loud, this won't work out." What?!?! Do we look like crazy drug-addicted loud-music players? I was appalled. I know it was all due to my college sweatshirt. We've gotten nothing but stellar treatment from every landlord we've met, but I've never worn that sweatshirt before. Another interesting aspect of this search is that people often will not return my phone calls, but if my boyfriend calls them saying he's interested in their rental (and doesn't mention that I called before), they will call him back in no time. Just little aspects of our society that I detest.

I've not done well with my diet lately, but that's ok. I'm not going to starve myself anymore.

Spending Log:
Wednesday: $15 to savings, $15 birthday gift, $10.60 book for myself, free dinner
Thursday: $80 massage, $30 concoction given to me by massage lady to increase metabolism and boost immune system, dinner at home
Friday: $21.21 gasoline for trip to see family, free dinner
Saturday: $19.07 gasoline, $20 ATM for upcoming week's events, $50 loan payment, dinner at home

yeah. no spend days are infrequent in my life.

My massage was great. She told me I am allergic to the cold - what a great reason to move out of the tundra!

2 Responses to “closet of doom conquered”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It was interesting to read about how the prospective landlord treated you guys, and how your calls don't always get returned. That gets irritating, doesn't it? I get the 'you look so young' thing all the time. I'm 34 and some lady insisted that my daughter and I were sisters, that I couldn't possibly be old enough to be her mother!

  2. kashi Says:

    Isn't that treatment bizarre? When my mother had me, the church women insisted that she could not possibly be old enough to properly take care of a child. She was 32. I believe she had to pull out her driver's license to prove it to them. Needless to say, she stopped going to church. I'm sorry to hear you get that treatment too...I wish society was a bit more open-minded! As my mom always says, better to look "too young" when you are young, because you'll look a heck of a lot younger than everyone else when you are "old".

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